Monday, 1 August 2011

Loud and proud, as they say

Together with a couple of friends, decided to watch the Pride Parade today. Been here in the city almost 7 years now, out of which 5 is right near where the event is held every year. As in near! Not sure why, but after all these years, watched the Pride Parade for the first time. Well, actually I know why. We live so close, there's never any need to plan it as it's literally a hop, skip and a jump away. But this year, a friend wanted to watch, so there we went.

Needless to say, it was fun!!! Highlight of the parade...

Reprezzzent!!! LOL It was awesome!

Of course we've built our appetite by the time the parade finished. The temperature was cooler than we thought so decided to go for some ramen. Boy, was it much needed!

The day turned out to be nicer by the end. Summer is here indeed!!!

Keep you posted tomorrow for the rest of this lovely day... :)

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