Thursday, 11 August 2011

It's Friday I'm in Love

Right after dinner, as me and hubby were getting some "fresh air" in the balcony, I could have sworn it's Saturday tomorrow, and already, I started thinking, yeay, I can sleep in. Then just as soon the thought came, so it went, when I realized it's only Thursday. Booo!!!!!

Not sure if this is the right pick-me-upper for the moment, nonetheless, I love this song!

This song, it always take me back to high school. Eeeeek, did I just date myself?!?!? Meh, who cares! It'll always be Friday I'm in love! :)

For now, in the words that me and past co-worker came up with, T.G.I.F.T.! Thank God It's Friday Tomorrow!!!! LOL

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