Saturday, 30 July 2011

I'm shopping!!!

... my closet!!!! HAH! Guess it's true that things sometimes become more a reality when in print. Or in my case, a rude awakening. So, in an attempt to follow my own advice of subscribing to my newly devised therapy, I am shopping my own closet. Didn't I just read that somewhere? To do just that to satisfy one's shopping urges.

And boy, a rude awakening indeed! Again, I know I'm not the worst out there, but I can't really use that as an excuse anymore, can I? I'm finding it almost scary, actually, to see in picture of what I've accumulated thus far.

... then if ever I want to go back to my past work life, I have these-

Kinda' monochromatic I know, but hey, it was a conservative industry, ok?

I think I realize what my problem is. No, I know what my problem is. In my attempt to be organized, every nook and cranny of those closets have been maximed, to say the least, and because the closets are not all in one place, I think I've, er, lost sight of the big picture...

Oh my god!!!! I think I'm even shocking myself to see how much I have! And can I tell you something else, there are a few more pictures that I dont' even want to include anymore, THEN, there is still that dresser drawer full of "stuff"... eeeeeeeek!!! *head bowed down in shame*

Now, how many accessories can/does one girl need? Seriously, tell me!!! Apparently, not enough *sigh*

... layers and layers of scarves...

a myriad...

my collection of costume rings... is that a price tag I see?!?

And I truly wish I can say that is it. But alas, no:(

If only I have this, then I could be set (hmmm, I wonder how many other gazillion girls have thought this)...

Courtesy of

Thursday, 28 July 2011

I'm walkin', yes indeed, I'm walkin'...

This is usually one of my views on my walk home. Could one ask for a better one? Ok, I know there may be better, but sure beats some out there...

I've been doing this for almost 3 years now, since I moved to the office where I'm currently working. I try to walk every day but lazy-itis kicks in once in a while. But I always say better 3 days or so than none. As my feet takes me across the bridge, I'm glad to realize that the novelty of this view has not worn off after all this time. Especially on a gorgeous day like today, how can it wear off, I ask. And as I take the moment to appreciate this vision, my thoughts further take me to things that I am and should be grateful for, things that, really, any of us could take for granted easily. I'm just happy that I get these brief moments. I'll take it where ever I could.

So like they say, go on, just walk it off!

Monday, 25 July 2011

There may be hope after all

Came across this article earlier. I said to myself, hey, whatever will help. I thought it was good. The tips may not be the first things that come to mind, but I thought it was worth exploring. Maybe one of these days...

Meanwhile, as I wasn't working today, I thought I'd visit my usual haunt. I've even referred to this place as my second home. People close to me knows exactly which one I'm referring to, sad but true. As I walked in, I'm pretty sure I was holding my breath a little, having said a little prayer, "Please do not let me find anything". I know, I know, silly, right? But I've lost count of the number of times I've gone through that experience of walking in to a store, thinking that I was just browsing, and next thing you know, I have an item, or two, or three, in my hand that I've convinced myself I cannot live without, nuts, I tell ya!!!

But today, I must say, I walked in, did my usual round, and, drumroll please, came out with nothing!!! Yes!!! Tried a few pair of shoes here and there. Quickly glanced around the clothes area, and the bag area, and the jewelry area, and walked out of that store shortly after. Even went to the adjacent mall, and again, looked around then walked out. Whew!

In 2 days, it'll be 1 month that I haven't shopped for shoes, 10 days shy of a month since I shopped for clothes. Hey, one of these days, I may even set a longer time to shoot for, just to give myself a goal. But, for now, I'll settle for baby steps... So, there may be hope after all... hehehe

Thursday, 21 July 2011


Nothing takes me back to my childhood like these tiny sweet sausages. With garlic-y vinegar dip and rice, I'm set. As far as I'm concerned, this can compete with any comfort food out there. I can't really explain it. All I know is that it taste right. Not that I can eat it often, especially now that I'm older. There's probably 50 grams of fat in each sausage and who knows how much calories, forget even the sodium content. Actually, all I have to do is look at the nutritional content, I know that, but I irreverently turn a blind eye. Leave me be with these tiny pillows of yumminess!

courtesy of Google images

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I can still look, can't I?

Love this purse!!! Need I say more?!?!

Day Luxe Alligator Bag
Elizabeth and James Day Luxe Alligator Bag (courtesy of

Thank god I'm no major purseaholic! I indulge once in a while. And thanks to the hubby, I've got some really nice ones... Hmmm, perhaps it's time to drop some hints, once again:p, to the hubby for one of "those" alligator bag. O but wait, I already have something else in mind for that. Perhaps after that one, we shall see... That wouldn't count now, would it, if it's a gift?

Monday, 18 July 2011

The root of it all

Yup, I call them the root of my personal "evil". Other times, I call them my babies. How sad is that! The picture {un}fortunately did not even capture the entire rack, nor did it show the floor. See those jackets on the left hand side? There's more hidden there! Again, how sad is that! I take little comfort from the fact that I know I don't have the biggest collection out there. Hello, Imelda!!! But then again, I know, this picture exhibits that I have a tad more than I need.

I remember summer vacations, way back in high school, early teens, when I was way younger:p, and bored to death at home, and would count the number of shoes I have down to my house slippers to while away time. I would do it once, twice, just to make sure I didn't miss a pair. The higher the number gets, the giddier I got. What did I tell you, sad, I know.

I blame it on my mother (who doesn't blame their mother anyway, eh? haha), the original shopper. I blame it on my hubby, the biggest enabler, more haha. Yes, it's everybody else's fault but mine:)

Happy to report I haven't bought a pair since June 27 (I think). Also, I've started my usual sorta' cleaning out to gather stuff for donation. That's gotta whittle the collection a bit, I hope. That should allow for more space at home, more room, for a new pair in there somewhere, perhaps?... Kidding!!!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

A new form of therapy, perhaps...

Alright, there, I've done it, I've taken the plunge... albeit a tad late getting on the bandwagon, as some would probably say. O well... Hey, never really found a reason to do this thing in the past. Why now then? I suppose I have my sister to thank for this ;) Who knows where this will take me? This girl just wanna have fun...

And now for my first post, this is what we're having for dinner. Wanted something quick as we're on our way out to watch a movie (pssst, it's Harry Potter:p) so thought this is the quickest thing I can whip up. Maybe this should be my new "therapy". We'll see...

Quinoa with tomato, scallions, mozarella and cumin, with vinaigrette

My version of a rockefeller, only mussels instead of oysters
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