Saturday, 29 September 2012

Nice Surprise

When I went online on Thursday, this is what greeted me.

Just for me!!! Yah, sure! As if!... hehe... As it turns out, Google was also celebrating. Mind you, not that I'm as young as Google. Nowhere near, obviously. As a matter of fact, out-of-the-ballpark nowhere near. HAH!

Anyhoot, hubs took me out for dinner at this very lovely restaurant frequented usually by A-listers. Not that it's the reason why we went there. They are known for their steaks after all. It was kinda' a birthday and anniversary celebration so it was a special meal, indeed.

The best of that day for me though were the lil surprises, the warm wishes I've received throughout the day included...

Getting ready that morning for a work course, this red package was sitting literally no more than 6 inches from my work docs.

Do you think I noticed it? God, no, of course not. HAH! Hubs had to maneuver me somewhat for me to even see it. Terrible, eh?!?!

Then, at the restaurant, after we finish our meal, hubs asked me if I needed to go to the washroom. Of course, I said not really. But hubs somehow managed to convince me to go. And upon my return, this brown package was on the table.


Goes to show how preoccupied my mind's been lately, and how dense I can be sometimes... tsk-tsk...

I say all's well that ends well... In the end, gifts or not, I'm just glad to have welcomed another year. Well, the dinner and the gifts did not hurt at all, of course... heehee...

In addition to that, the celebration ended up being weekend-long. So there was the dinner with hubs on Thursday, out for drinks with friends on Friday, then meeting different friends for dinner/drinks later.


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

From 0 to 2

I received a notice to pick-up a parcel last week. Been meaning to pick it up since last Friday but didn't get around to it until the Monday after. And looky what I found inside!

Zara shirt and purse (gifts)

Gifts!!! YAY!!! Thanks to sis!!! *tight hugs and kisses*... hehe...

So in a span of 1 month, I went from not owning a crossbody bag to owning 2. Bought 1 last month in navy, and now I got another in this yummy pink. More yay! Well, ok, this is not quite a crossbody as the length of the chain is shorter but who cares. Love it!

And the shirt is made from organic cotton. Trust my sis to remember to be environmentally responsible. To offset the rest of our shopping, perhaps? Pffft, yah right! Hah!

And love the card that went with it too!... "Being fierce is a full time job"... You got it!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Romance Is Not Dead

Thanks to sis' coaxing, I finally ordered the Sylvain Reynard books, Gabriel's Inferno and Gabriel's Rapture, online. As I've been told, these books, just like the other (in)famous ones that're causing quite a stir among women right now *nudge-nudge, wink-wink*, are borne out of Fan Fiction. Not that I really care about that.


So I finished the first book, Gabriel's Inferno. Sis was right, I don't understand either why it's being compared to the Fifty Shades books. Other than their origins, I thought the only other similarity they have is that they're both romance. But I guess that's the point, their origins alone is big enough a deal to put them in the same category... *shrug shoulder*

Three things that this first book has it going for me -- 1) the author is Canadian, 2) it's set primarily in Toronto (my second home), and 3) my alma mater was featured, took me back in time, for sure. Now the story and characters themselves, well... I think it was definitely better written than the Fifty Shades ones. The Fifty Shades books have been classified as erotic romance, these books are not, (well, the first one anyway; haven't read the second one), so that alone should tell you something.

Some women would definitely fall head over heels with Gabriel Emerson. Now the way their love story built up felt somewhat drawn out to me at some point that seriously, it just got too intense for me at certain parts, though some would say that's where the beauty of the story lies, in feeling the characters' frustration.

In the end, it's romance, period.

Interestingly enough, romance is what I read mostly in my early teens, you know, until I discovered better written books. Even at a young age, romance novels only gave me so much escape. The pragmatic in me was alive and kicking even then, I guess. And now, thanks to Fifty Shades, this Gabriel series and the like, I'm heading back there again eeeeek! Does that mean I'm regressing? NOOOO!!!!


Saturday, 22 September 2012


That's how my whole week felt... *sigh*...

I suppose I could gripe about how cray cray busy it was and how I didn't even realize how stressed I was, but what for? Why feed the negative energy? I know what's needed to be done...

Work aside, what did I do? Hmmm...

Ah, yes, discovered another food truck during one lunch...

Rim Food Baht food truck

Forgot to bring my phone with me to take a pic, but I did order the Original Pad Thai. Funny thing with me, when it comes to Thai food, I would always order the Pad Thai if I'm trying the place (or truck) for the first time. I find that if I like their Pad Thai then I would like the rest of the menu in general. Did I like this particular one? It was a tad on the dry side but I like the flavor for sure, enough that I would probably go back and try their other food.

One time, as I was waiting to meet a co-worker at a corner, something on the ground caught my eye...

... just something to ponder on...

Coconut Curry Noodle at The Noodle Box

Ended up going out for lunch with a friend since without us knowing ahead, she happened to be in the same office as I was that day.

Then Thursday, it was time again for blood donation for me and a co-worker. And just like in the past, we rewarded ourselves after with a dinner after.

Arctic Cod Burger at the Red Robin

And we thought we'd make it interesting this one time by sweetening the pot, literally...

... dessert on the slower bleeder... HAH!... within healthy constraints of course...

And I finally picked up the books I ordered online. So, I've just been relaxing and reading since Friday... rest, at last...

Sunday, 16 September 2012

(Asian) "Posse"

Maybe it's just me but a scene involving a "posse" gets me all the time. Goes to show how much boob tube I watch and how much movies, in general has afflicted, I mean, affected my brain.

(via Google images,

Take this weekend, for example. Stumbled upon the movie, The Last Samurai, by accident. When the above scene came up, I got the goosies. Ok, that's exaggerating. Of course it takes more than that for me to get the goosies. Anyhoot, where was I? Oh yes, that scene. That is the part when Algren, Tom Cruise's character, was returned to Tokyo as agreed, and a sea of people parted as they rode thru the street. See, in my mind, that scene conveyed perfectly what it was supposed to; power, honor, deference, strength, tradition all encaptured. And dare I say it, sexy.

(via Google images,

The interesting part, for me, with scenarios like that, is that it's usually from a movie set in a time when women in general had no other place but inside the home. Ok, not all of them, just the period ones perhaps. But what's that got to do with it? I dunno. Maybe it doesn't. But why do I feel it does?

Does it having an effect on me goes against the "feminist" in me? And if so, why? What beliefs am I betraying? And if it doesn't, why do I feel it does? Is it because I'm not supposed to be affected by movies? But isn't that the point of a good movie? And I haven't even talked about musical scores, don't get me started.

Now what's the point of all this rambling? I've forgotten already...

Thursday, 13 September 2012


My Reading List lately, not surprisingly, is full of NYFW stuff. I'm reaching that point when I feel like I'm reading the same things over and over, seeing the same clothes from every imaginable angle, but still the same clothes! I am getting so inundated none of the pieces are standing out any more. Until I saw Zac Posen's collection. And I'm not even a fan! And I don't even like girly girl stuff! How about that, eh?

(via fabsugar)

Source: on Pinterest

Among the oh so many of them... Aren't they pretty?!? *swoon*

Before the age of fashion blogs, I always look forward to getting the September issues of every imaginable fashion mags out there to see what's for fall, and knowing that NYFW is happening as I read those mags. Now, I can take it or leave it, depending on my mood. Worse, heading into fall, I'm reading about fashion for Spring 2013. Wait!! What's happening for fall this year?!? Oh yeah, I read about that last spring, but I've forgotten already what's for fall!! Maybe I should buy the September issues after all, eh? *sigh*

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Eleventh Year of that Fateful Eleventh Day

Every time this time of the year rolls by, just like everybody else I'm sure, a lot of things go thru my head. Over the years, the thoughts do change. A lot of things do happen in a year, after all, whether we're talking globally, economically, politically, or personally.

One thought in my head that always seem to surface, not surprisingly, is the thought of the connection with the people that matters in my life, then the little insignificant but significant things, which then brings me back again to that familial connection.

I know, I know, I'm being sappy, but I'm allowed every now and then, am I not? And in the end, I know this is not about me. I guess it's just my tiny way of paying tribute to the people, remembering what matters most and sending benevolent thoughts to the universe...

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Eternity = 2 Weeks, Apparently

So! In the past, I talked about not shopping for a looooong while. I "promised" myself that I was going to stop, that I cannot go shopping again for eternity...

Did I stop? Hmmm...

A2 Aerosole wedge (Sears)
Jessica flats (Sears)

Classic black pumps (ok, perforated with wedged heels): $36.95

Flats, in color/print that I don't have yet: $26.87

Gap Iconic Stripe top

BR Gracie Crossbody bag

Another striped top (check out the elbow patch!), that makes me smile: $20.13

Crossbody bag, which I don't have, and in navy(!!): $67.19

AE chambray shirt

Chambray shirt that I've been eyeing for like forever (but refused to pay full-price): $26.85

My shopping brain all giddy, albeit bashful about it (and yes, embarrassed, ok?): PRICELESS

Is it?!? Is it really?!?

So what kind of excuses ran through my mind?

  • The Sears store nearby is closing soon and everyday brings new kinds of deal and stores closing  nearby don't just happen everyday now, does it?... wonder what can I score on <insert day>?
  • Hmmm, according to the email, up to 5 regular-priced item at 50% off at Banana Republic, only for a weekend!... Oh but wait, ok, it might not have been a regular-priced item, but at that sale price, that's even better than 50%!!! AND, it's not black!!! Navy!!! I don't have a navy purse, and crossbody at that, now that I think about it...
  • What, Gap also had 40% off on the first item, and 30% off on the next 3 (but who cares about the 3)?!? Yes!!! I don't have stripes in that color combo!!!
  • Oooh, sign says 40% on the entire store! Oooh, I can get the chambray shirt that I like,  FINALLY!!!

What have I learned now? That in my shopping mind, apparently eternity means only 2 weeks. How long ago was that? Give or take 1-2 weeks... Put that way, it sounds much longer, doesn't it? That's not bad then, is it? Or is it just me?

How's that for confounding my shopping brain, eh?

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

As If I Don't Watch Enough TV

Seeing that summer meant re-runs as far as most TV shows are concerned, I thought I'd catch up on all the PVR'd episodes we've saved so I can get caught up and get ready as the new season begins. Get ready for what? Sheesh, I sound like as if my life depends on it, how sad!

But did I? Of course not! Instead, I've veered my attention towards other shows on cable channels. So now, not only have I not watched the recorded episodes of the shows that I like so far, I've also managed to record more of new shows that I just started getting into. Ok, they're not new shows but they are to me. *sigh*

Doctor Who (via wikipedia)

Hubs remember watching reruns of the original one as a little kid. Me? Not really. One day, a month or so ago, however, they were doing a marathon on Space. Having heard what I heard about the show so far, I thought I'd watch one episode. Well, that was the end of it. Or should I say the beginning of it?

The sci-fi geek inside me started rejoicing, needless to say.

Haven (via wikipedia)

Stumbled upon this show one late Sunday night and the description of the show kinda' caught my attention. I liked whatever episode was on that night but didn't really watch anymore until, again, a month or so ago, when I started searching for any of its episodes on the TV guide.

Although not the biggest fan of Stephen King books, which this show is based on, I'm still enough of a fan.

White Collar (via wikipedia)

2 words. Matt Bomer.


He got on my radar (albeit late) after watching an episode of Glee where he played Blaine's older brother. Which then reminded of his show I always see in passing on Bravo but never really delved into. Again, until a month or so ago. And that's that!

What happened a month or so ago that got me getting into these shows? Not sure, really. It just happened, I suppose...

I guess it really shouldn't come as a surprise to me the way I start "obsessing" about things, including TV. My shopping habit alone is a perfect demonstration of such behaviour.

O well...

Monday, 3 September 2012

Mixed Feelings

Last week at work has just been really busy. I may have mentioned before that I started doing this new assignment that got me going to different places. But at the same time, it's not that I've been so busy to the point of exhaustion that I'm not able to collect my thoughts to write something here. So what was it then? Hmmm, not sure really...

And here we are, now September, Labour Day's come and gone... hmmm...

Anyhoot, a friend who used to live here was back in town for a visit so we met up last Saturday for stroll around downtown and some munchies after.

Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar

Deciding what kind of drink to have, something caught my friend's attention and when we asked about its size, I swear, we didn't think it was that much. HAH!

"Fishbowl" size
Sushi Bombs 2.0
Fries x 3 (with gorgonzola cream and bacon, with truffle oil and parmesan,
and poutine)

Good times, indeed!

Other than meeting my friend, didn't really have anything concrete planned for the weekend. I just really wanted to relax, and perhaps read a book or 2.

via Chapters

As far as liking this book, I usually gauge how good a book is by how much I'm not able to put it down or how quickly I can read it. I finished it in 2 days or so. I've finished some books in a night, or definitely less than a day. I know, 2 days is not bad. But one reason I think is I just want to finish it. Is that good? To a degree, I still say yes.

Firstly, I'm not a circus fan so for me to read it, in the first place, and finish at that, I think says something already. But it was kinda' slow-moving for me as vivid as some parts of the book are. Also, I wish the writer focused on fewer characters which would have probably allowed for more development of the 2 main characters. It almost felt like an ensemble. It felt like it didn't fully demonstrate the love that supposedly developed between the 2 main characters.

Anyhoot, just my take, that's all... Will I read it again? Doubt it. Can I part with it to share with friends? Yes. Did I enjoy it? I say it's alright...

Yup, everybody's a critic...

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