Wednesday, 26 September 2012

From 0 to 2

I received a notice to pick-up a parcel last week. Been meaning to pick it up since last Friday but didn't get around to it until the Monday after. And looky what I found inside!

Zara shirt and purse (gifts)

Gifts!!! YAY!!! Thanks to sis!!! *tight hugs and kisses*... hehe...

So in a span of 1 month, I went from not owning a crossbody bag to owning 2. Bought 1 last month in navy, and now I got another in this yummy pink. More yay! Well, ok, this is not quite a crossbody as the length of the chain is shorter but who cares. Love it!

And the shirt is made from organic cotton. Trust my sis to remember to be environmentally responsible. To offset the rest of our shopping, perhaps? Pffft, yah right! Hah!

And love the card that went with it too!... "Being fierce is a full time job"... You got it!


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