Sunday, 28 July 2013

Hot Time in the City

It's been a really wonderful summer so far, weather-wise. Hubby and I didn't really have any trip planned for the summer. Doesn't mean that I still can't enjoy it, just by being out and about in the city...

Hope you're having just as wonderful a summer!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

How To Fangirl Properly


A fan, sometimes also called aficionado or supporter, is a person with a liking and enthusiasm for something (or someone). Fans of a particular thing (person)...

I was told I'm too cynical to know how to "fangirl" properly. Ok, just by my sister (hehe). No, I say I'm not... (maybe I'm too old?) And even if I am, I say a cynical gal can still fangirl. How, you ask?
  • Take everything at face value. Whatever the person says/writes/quotes, let that be THE word. No questions asked. Which means that once in a while, you may have to put aside your own opinions, overlook typos, whatever, because let's face it, the person has more knowledge than you and must have a legitimate reason for everything (yes, including the typos).
  • Never ever ask the person difficult questions; questions that may actually need to be handled by the person's PR team. Stick with simple ones (eg. "How do you take care of your lovely skin?")
  • Always gush on your posts/tweets, about everything concerning the person! (eg. "I love how you look sipping coffee in that pap picture, perfection!")
  •  Show support to whatever the person supports, let the person know about it, AND announce it to the world. Virtual world, that is. Real world doesn't count 'cause the person's not in it anyway.
  • Get on the fansite bandwagon, and agree with all the other fans.
  • Post on the person's FB page, or tweet the person, at least once every day, or twice (maybe not thrice or more, as that may just appear stalker-ish).

(via Google images, courtesy of

HAHAHA... Ok, I'm just being facetious. *grins* (see above image)

Actually, I fangirl quite a bit over certain people, that's for sure. And I have no shame admitting it. I have no qualms letting people know out there how much I adore them AND their work. I don't expect any response unless I have a specific question (mind you, it makes my day, that's for sure, when I get a reply regardless). And believe me, people who knows me know when I'm fangirl-ing over somebody.

Perhaps I should apologize if I sound offensive and I just want to clarify that what I don't get is the way some women fangirl without substance... hmmm, but is that the point of fangirling?... hmmm, am I confused about what fangirling is all about?... hmmm, maybe I don't know how to fangirl after all... hmmm... or do I?... hmmm...

Hey, to each their own, no?

(Don't mind me. With work keeping me busy, I'm just trying to enjoy summer, and not over-exert my brain with too much thinking. Clearly, not necessarily the best results, but hey it is what is:p)

Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Making Of... #2

... Oven-roasted pulled pork:)

This was inspired by this recipe.

From this...

... to this

I added ground coffee for the dry rub. I also used a bit of liquid smoke.

I didn't quite follow the barbeque sauce, so I kinda' played with my own.

Barbeque sauce:
onion & garlic, pureed
red wine
red wine vinegar
soy sauce
peanut butter
garlic powder
dry mustard powder
celery salt
salt & pepper

Slaw dressing:
Dijon mustard
Renee's Caesar Salad dressing
honey, a touch
salt & pepper

... et voila!

Hubby and I may just be imagining things, but I thought it turned out pretty dang good, mmmm...

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I Think I May Have Spoken Too Soon

Not sure what happened but I've decided all of a sudden to get on the mint green skinny jeans bandwagon. I didn't feel like it when it actually first came out, what, like last summer, so why now? Hmmm... Mind you, I think what may have triggered it is the fact that I'm still seeing them in some stores. All kinds of pants in different material & cut, but alas, not the one I'm wanting. All while supposedly "trying" not to shop, yes.

So thanks to my mint green skinnies obsession, I think the shopping dry spell has officially ceased (oh noes!) and look what I found...

(American Eagle: top)

(American Eagle: jegging)

(Gap: neon belt)

(Old Navy: tube maxi dress, tank tops, $1 flip-flop; Jacob: bracelet)

I should tell you the side story about my Old Navy haul. The day after I bought these items, I received an Old Navy email alert that says 30% off total purchase for 2 days only. You have no idea the "agony" I put myself thru deciding whether to return the current haul, and re-purchase them at the new price, or just leave it be and just take advantage of the new sale with more a different purchase. CRAY CRAY, I know!!! O.o

Anyhoot, where's the mint green anything, you ask?!?!

(online purch)

Yes, I did end up using the Old Navy special. Aiyah!!... Well, I did end finding my mint green skinnies, ok?! Obsession satisfied... *sigh*

Do you succumb to these summer sales like I do? Please say yes... hehe... What's your summer sale shopping been like so far?

Monday, 1 July 2013

Back "Home"

I'm a child of an immigrant family. We've been living in our adoptive country, our "new home" for close to a quarter of a century now, which for me translates to pretty much more than half my life. So when people ask me if or when I'm going back home, that simple question becomes a moment of reflection. All the time.

(via Google image, courtesy of

To add to that, after getting married, hubby and I moved and now live on the opposite coast, and this is not counting the time we spent living in the US.

So in my head, it shouldn't come as a surprise then that I don't necessarily think of the country that I was born in immediately as home, nor the city that our family first moved to (which the rest of the family still calls "home"), nor the city where we currently live in. And I guess what I'm trying to say is as cliche as it may sound, home, really, is where the heart is, which makes it 3 different places, in my case. And for me, that's ok.

My native country will always hold fond memories of my childhood. My adoptive country, my new native country if I can call it that, makes a chunk of my past now and has shaped me as an adult. My current city represents my present. And as for the future, who knows!

On that note, wishing all Canucks out there a "Happy Canada Day!" :)

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