Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I Think I May Have Spoken Too Soon

Not sure what happened but I've decided all of a sudden to get on the mint green skinny jeans bandwagon. I didn't feel like it when it actually first came out, what, like last summer, so why now? Hmmm... Mind you, I think what may have triggered it is the fact that I'm still seeing them in some stores. All kinds of pants in different material & cut, but alas, not the one I'm wanting. All while supposedly "trying" not to shop, yes.

So thanks to my mint green skinnies obsession, I think the shopping dry spell has officially ceased (oh noes!) and look what I found...

(American Eagle: top)

(American Eagle: jegging)

(Gap: neon belt)

(Old Navy: tube maxi dress, tank tops, $1 flip-flop; Jacob: bracelet)

I should tell you the side story about my Old Navy haul. The day after I bought these items, I received an Old Navy email alert that says 30% off total purchase for 2 days only. You have no idea the "agony" I put myself thru deciding whether to return the current haul, and re-purchase them at the new price, or just leave it be and just take advantage of the new sale with more a different purchase. CRAY CRAY, I know!!! O.o

Anyhoot, where's the mint green anything, you ask?!?!

(online purch)

Yes, I did end up using the Old Navy special. Aiyah!!... Well, I did end finding my mint green skinnies, ok?! Obsession satisfied... *sigh*

Do you succumb to these summer sales like I do? Please say yes... hehe... What's your summer sale shopping been like so far?


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