Monday, 31 October 2011

A Working Non-Work Day

For someone who's supposedly not working today, I definitely spent a lot of time with work-related stuff. Mind you, having done what I did would hopefully put me in a better position (literally... get it?:p) career-wise. So, I suppose that's ok. The only thing about that is I ended up having to open my work email, which I do my darndest not to, when I'm not working. After all, why should I, right? When I'm supposedly not working...

Wasn't feeling all that well since Saturday afternoon. It felt like I was coming down with something, which cannot cannot happen, I say. So popped some echinacea, along with my vitamins, made sure I'm covered up as the weather has cooled considerably and really, just stayed in.

And since I was just in, figured I'd organize my make-up and toiletries. Yah, right!

This is as far as I got...

samples, gifts with purch, etc...

Got distracted just trying to gather these sample goodies I've gotten in the last few months, since they were all over the place. I realize I really should start using them. Why bother accepting them in the first place if I have no intentions of trying them? And they all seem like decent products worth trying...

Anyhoot, earlier this morning, as I'm trying to move as leisurely as possible *snicker*, cool crisp air greeted me outside when I stepped out briefly, as in VERY briefly.

Fall is here, indeed...

Oh, almost forgot... Happy Halloween!!! HAH!... I meant, BOO!

Saturday, 29 October 2011


Maybe it's just me, but there is something strangely comforting having breakfast for dinner... Eggs over easy, bacon, potato hash, and toast for the hubby and, since I'm Asian, rice for me. LOL... sans coffee... maybe a little wine (yup, not strange at all).

For whatever reason, it reminds me of Saturday mornings when I was a child, waking up late and watching cartoons. Even though this wasn't the kind of breakfast we had when we were little. And mind you, I still kinda' do did those things on Saturday mornings, as an adult. *sheepish grin*

courtesy of
(via Google images)

I suppose it makes sense when breakfast is my most favorite meal... especially when I have it for lunch, which usually meant out with friends for brunch or curled up at home with the hubby after having woken up leisurely, or for dinner... but somehow, not for breakfast... heehee...

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Swoon... just a little

One way for me to relax when I get home, or I should say 2 ways but appears as 1 way as I do them simultaneously, sometimes, thanks to having developed the skill of multitasking... where was I?

Oh yes, a way for me to relax when I get home is to watch TV or go online to look up what's going on with the world, mostly the fashion world, courtesy of the blogs I follow or whatever else I happen to stumble upon. Sometimes, I'd do both at the same time (like right now), which annoy the hubby, sometimes, but only I think because he thinks he can't do that... now where was I?

Oh yes, (am I good, or am I good with this?) so earlier, as I'm happily reading my fave sites, I came across this--


Funny enough, I haven't really thought of buying the classic ones, but these ones talk to me. Surprise, surprise. They're not coming out til Spring of 2012 though.... Perfect! I don't need to obsess over them for another 5/6 months. And by then, I may have forgotten them already... I'm ok with that, I think...

Monday, 24 October 2011

Swedish roast potato

Things didn't quite pan out the way I thought it would after work which meant I had to do last minute shopping for dinner and called for last minute creativity.

I remembered what I came across recently.

Mine came out like this.

I must say it's one dish that didn't quite look as I thought it would, obviously. Being  generally a non-follower of recipe that I am, I tweaked it a little. Ok, I was too lazy to look it up on the computer so I went by what I remembered then added a spice or 2. HAH again!

But boy, is it good!!! For sure, I will make it again. I know, one of these days, it will look like that in the picture. And even if it doesn't, well, it'll end up in the same place anyway... my tummy.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Another Obsession Bites the Dust

After yesterday's morning activity, I thought I'd take my time coming home. Along the way, I happen to pass by stores which "kinda" reminded me that I was "kinda" looking for this item for a loooong while now. My sis and I were talking about it before. A girlfriend even got it on one of our "walks". And to top that, I recently came across this --

So, to make the story short, I ended up with this-

H&M faux leather leggings

I guess they're not called obsessions for nothing...

And strangely enough, as I get to do more activities similar to what I did yesterday morning, before the shopping definitely, the more I realize that it if I can give as much effort to things that would benefit others, I can also do the same at home, which if you really think about, would only allow me to be in an even better position to give more effort. 

So really, why can't or shouldn't I? And if I do do that, then another good thing to come out of that, hopefully, is that I will think less of shopping, and more importantly, these nagging obsessions.

Win-win-win situation... I like lots...

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Television Schmelevision (hopefully)

Didn't realize how much TV I watch until we switched cable company (yesterday) and practically half of the channels that I'm used to is gone!!!!! *Panic*

 Ok, ok, I know I watch a LOT, but I didn't realize how much. Isn't that sad? And kinda' scary considering I think I'm going through some kind of withdrawal. Then, I remember how some people I know don't even have cable at all. Cray cray, right?!?!

On the other hand, a majority of those people I know who don't have cable watch their movies or shows on the internet. Again, cray cray!... It's just me, isn't it?!? Or should I say, people of my generation, right? A friend of mine said she was recently reminded by her son that only her (our) generation still watches cable TV. Yikes!

Now, as for those without cable and also do not watch online, all I can say is, good on them! Really!

As for me, I suppose I can continue to panic, whine about it til hubby cannot take it so we end up taking the more expensive package which will totally defeat the purpose of us switching cable companies to begin with. *big sigh*

Or, I can be just normal about it and do OTHER things... Well, for starter, we do have a bunch of DVDs that I haven't seen (yes, I said DVD) and I've bought them a while baaaack. Also, I realize I have a bunch of books that I've been meaning to read.

... among a bunch of them...

See, I'm already finding things to do, things that I probably should have been doing in the first place... Hey, maybe one of these days, I'll be like, TV? what's that?... NOT!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Food Truck # 6

There really ought to be more food trucks here in the city. If I recall correctly, I think the city is planning to hand out 10(?) more licenses next year. Or something like that. Is that all?

What I think the city should have is something like what Seattle or Portland has where they are all in one area, kinda' like an outdoor food court, for all these food trucks. On the other hand, I don't think the city, or more specifically, the downtown area has a spot like that. Plus, I suppose part of the fun is trying to find these food trucks' spots...

Was in an all-day meeting today. It was in a different office, not a day to brown bag it, so I thought I'd try this food truck Been meaning to try this now for a while.

I decided to go for the bulgogi soft-shell taco.

The lady asked me how spicy I want it. I went for medium. It was definitely on the quite spicy end of medium.   Which kinda' worked out as the bulgogi was definitely on the sweet side, more sweet than what I'm accustomed to or I've had in the past.

I'm pretty sure I'd go back, and maybe try the bulgogi hotdog next time.


Monday, 17 October 2011

It's (Just) Another Monday

Hubby and I ended up wanting to go for a very late lunch, or very early dinner, depending how old you are, I suppose. Hah! So, we walked, and walked some more, trying to decide where to go.

We ended up at this restaurant. I cannot tell you how many many many times we've walked by this place. Why today of all day? Not sure. For the first time, we actually looked at the menu posted at the window and we thought it sounded pretty good.

Salt and pepper calamari

Imperial duck roll

Shanghai udon with beef

It turned out we like this place, enough that we can consider coming back or ordering take-out from the place.

And as we head back home, I thought I would do a lil "browsing". Ok, not really. As I'm trying to {un}-fuel my shopping thoughts, all I could think of is one of my sis' many obsessions. As if I don't have enough of my own, I just had to think about hers too! Which of course, the more I think about, becomes my own.

Payless leopard-print flats (on sale, thank god! haha)
... *sigh*...

Well, can't really fully "blame" my sis. I've been thinking about it since I saw this on another blog.

I say the shoes meets the criteria and satisfies the "look". No?

And as I reconcile all these nagging shopping thoughts in my head, I thought of last Saturday's event that happened around downtown -- Occupy Vancouver.

This was the scene last Sunday. There were twice/thrice the crowd, for sure, on Saturday evening. We were in a different part of town and didn't realize the magnitude of the event. By the time we got back to town on Saturday evening, this particular area was so crowded with tents, somebody in the car said it looked like a tent city. Cray cray!

While I do not actively support the movement, I understand the cause...

I really do, despite my seeming contradictory actions or petty thoughts. Go figure!


Sunday, 16 October 2011

Weekend Recap in Food

This weekend happened to be one of those weekends when everything just happened to happen, which just made me really busy, and super tired.

Had a lunch date on Friday and since we were practically in Chinatown, decided to go to this restaurant known for their bbq/roast pork and congee. So we decided to have this-

Shrimp wonton noodle soup

Teehee... It was yum!

It rarely happens but this is one of those places I don't know/remember the name of the place. Kinda' hard to, when it's in a totally different language. Hah!

Then, at the end of the day, I didn't think I'd be going out but I got a message from a friend asking if I wanted to go out for a quick drink. Yah, quick drink my behind! LOL... We decided to go to one of our usual haunt. This place is part of the rotation, especially in the winter time. We come here often enough that we just feel right at home. Sandy, the owner, cannot, seriously, give better service. I swear, she has the memory of an elephant! She knows what our usual orders are, even the drinks. Scarily enough, yes, that's how often we go there.

It was fun!:)

To cap the night off, how could we not end with dessert! Yes, it goes with wine too, we said... haha

Pumpkin cheesecake

In hindsight, may not have been the best move to go out the night before knowing full well that the day after will be a long one. O well.

Yesterday was, needless to say, was a loooooong day. But hey, at the end of it, it was one of the most satisfying days I've had. Granted we could have dealt way with the long drive but when you're with good company, oh, what the hey!

Not only did we get to do a good deed but our very first food club meeting was also held.

Again, in hindsight, may not have been the smartest choice to have a dinner after doing what we did during the  day. Again, o well.

So, for our very first "meeting", we ended up at this place. I had my concerns, especially after seeing that it was in a strip mall, but I was told, considering the area where we were, that it's something to be expected, hah! Fortunately, my concerns were unfounded. Whew!

I do apologize for the quality of most of the pics as they were all taken with my phone:p

For appies, we had the following:

Grilled calamari

One appie didn't quite make the cut, unfortunately, as none of us were pleased with it; therefore, went back to the kitchen and got taken off our bill (fortunately). Then, of course, for a brief moment, we all wondered how we were going to pay for that opinion we just voiced about the food. Is it just us? hehe

For the main course, I had the osso bucco. May not have been the best I've had, but it was delish!!! Tender as tender can be, for sure.

And the others had...

Spaghetti Alla Fra'Diavolo

They weren't kidding when they said "lots of garlic". 2 people ordered this, separately, and neither was disappointed. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.

Coza! Platter (shared by 2 people)

Inside the restaurant...

Kitchen area
... something about this lighting was just mesmerizing...
maybe it was just the wine:p

And, of course, what's dinner without...

House red (Negroamaro)


Ah, crazy busy long day... good times!!!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Clinton Kelly

If he knows how much I follow his work/life, he'll probably think I'm some kind of nuts that he might need a restraining order. Ok, not really that much, but I'm pretty sure my sis will beg to differ. Well, I don't even live in NY so how can that be?!? LOL

Mind you, I have talked about him on this post and this post. But that's, like, what, 2 posts only! What's that in the grand scheme of things? So really, not much, right?

Then I came across this article. Thought I'd post it too. Meh, why not...

Clinton Kelly: Fashion crime pays - Oct. 12, 2011

Then I'd just stop talking about him. Well, I don't want the hubby to get some weird idea or worse, get jealous, you know... HAHAHAHA

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Warning, Security Alert

One of the things that annoy me greatly-

Just love it when this happens!

I was thinking of wearing this recent purchase today and this is what I find. This annoys me greatly as not only did I have to make the extra trip (mind you, it's really just a walk, but still) to get that darn thing removed but I just feel like an idiot for not even seeing it in the first place.

Yes, security alert indeed!

I suppose those extra steps of walking will further insure that I continue to fit in these. HAH!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Different Sides of Thanksgiving

First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving!

Really, regardless of what's happening both personally and in the world, I realize there're tons to be thankful for, always. For what it's worth, I am thankful for everything-- the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the wanna-forget events, the always-wanna-remember moments, and family and friends, both near and (tad/way) far.

We didn't really set out to make the usual Thanksgiving fare from scratch, but just like any best-laid plans...

Went to the market earlier with the intention of buying some already made turkey dinners, as it is Thanksgiving after all. But in the end, the idea of something home-made took over so we ended up buying stuff to make at home, except for the stuffing (not from the box) and the (real) gravy, which came highly recommended by the staff.

Roasted turkey breast (not shown) and leg with herb de provence

The biggest pleasure came from cooking the sides:)

Roasted brussel sprouts with bacon and garlic

Asparagus with bacon (again:p) and drizzled with balsamic vinegar

... on my fave Paris plate:)

Plus, my reliable garlic mashed potato... yummmm...

So after all the hemming and hawing, the meal came out nicely, fortunately...see, another thing to be thankful for!

Saturday, 8 October 2011


As another week bites the dust, it made me think of what happened to my week. I know for a fact I hardly, as in hardly, went out, so I'm thinking what wasted ate my time. In short, really, I did squat. HAH!

So what did eat my time, other than the shopping done earlier in the week?

courtesy of (via Google images)
courtesy of (via Google images)
courtesy of
(via Google images)
Vogue, Sept 2011, cover

... plus these,

From top left, clockwise: Korean-style short ribs,
risotto with saffron, ribs, and rapini with garlic

Ok, so not completely squat, I suppose. My brain still managed to get some exercise, right? And managed to utilize dexterity in the kitchen too, right?

... Man, time just flies, doesn't it?

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Pop Music

I know I'm not that person who's always in the know of who or what's hot out there in music. I used to be, or I tried, at least. But as surely as it happened to my folks, it happened to me. *gasp* The inevitable has happened. I now sometimes talk like my parents did when I was young(er)... "What is this? You call this music?!?"... *eeeeeeeek

Not even sure when it started. Before I knew it, I stopped paying attention to the latest music. Oh, I'm not completely buried under some rock and just totally clueless (I think). But these days, very few artist/song catch my ears' attention.

Then once in a while, one comes along, I suppose, that just compels me to listen.

Needless to say, I love the entire album! This woman is talent, period.

(And yes, I actually got the CD!!! Yes, leave me be with my CD's, ok?... Sheesh, I feel like I should even apologize for writing those 2 letters, hah!)

The song below caught me off guard, which made me really like it... must be the drum... LOL

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Shopaholic Anonymous

I was reminded of this the other day by my sis.

Back in the day, there were 3 young(ish) girls women who would meet up on Sundays in a mall to "browse". It became a regular ritual. They decided to call it the Shopaholic Anonymous meetings. And to take it a step further, they decided that it's only fitting that they would go to a different mall every meeting. And "browsed" happily, they did, until such time when the paths of these 3 women  diverged.

The 3 offenders -- sis, a girlfriend, and me. Plus the other sis, once in a while, who became an honorary member.

Ah, good times!

In retrospect, I suppose it was almost disrespectful as our {un}intended actions flew in the face of the very things that such support groups stand for. But in our defense, I think we had the right principles in mind. The only problem was we met in places that was the cause in itself. It was akin to recovering alcoholics having their AA meetings in a bar/pub. We weren't very smart, were we?... Oh, but can I still say, again, good times!

So, on that shopping kinda' note, may I say that I managed to procure one of my recent obsessions? *EEEEEEK
(I tagged along with the hubby yesterday to go to the mall.)



Best part, sale!!! Not only was it the right price in my mind, but the store was having this sale as well which meant I pretty much got the next item for free...

... to remind me of a FUN trip with both sis, wheeee!!!

The rest wasn't quite planned, but what the hey! *sigh*

Clarks desert boots (Winners)

And last but not least, this has got to be the BEST deal ever!!!


For my sanity, I stopped resisting the urge. I figure, at this rate, I might as well unleash it fully until it's completely out of my system. I should have known better, really. I always go through this cycle.

And now, I think I'm good!

(crossing fingers... LOL)

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Dimsum, and then some...

... shopping, that is. *eeeeek*

Today is our wedding anniversary. Not quite a milestone anniversary, but nevertheless an anniversary. Not really feeling fancy-schmancy dinner, but we did both think that we haven't had dimsum in a loooong while. So guess where we went? heehee...

Siumai... hey, who took a piece?!?
Chow fun(?) with prawns... again, missing pieces?!?
Chicken feet, a major fave of mine,  but hubby will not touch it...
on its last leg, haha

I wish I can say that's all we ordered. Hubby and I tend to go a lil crazy every time we go for dimsum. Who wouldn't, tell me?!? Which is why we rarely have it, I suppose. I don't even want to imagine if we go so often and order the way we do.

On the way home, told the hubby I just want to quickly walk around and "browse". Although in my head, I think I meant something else other than "browse". I've been getting too fixated on one of my recent obsessions and today I got the feeling I just might find it, at the "right" price at that!

Well, not quite.

Instead, I found these.

Poet shirt (Winners)
Nygard necklace (Sears)

I'm really liking the dolman-like sleeves of the shirt and the loosey-goosey effect. How much more comfortable can you get than that, eh? And loving the orb on the necklace!

Best part, they're both on clearance!!! YAY! 
(That should make a difference, no?)

O well... What are reset buttons for, after all, right?
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