Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Swoon... just a little

One way for me to relax when I get home, or I should say 2 ways but appears as 1 way as I do them simultaneously, sometimes, thanks to having developed the skill of multitasking... where was I?

Oh yes, a way for me to relax when I get home is to watch TV or go online to look up what's going on with the world, mostly the fashion world, courtesy of the blogs I follow or whatever else I happen to stumble upon. Sometimes, I'd do both at the same time (like right now), which annoy the hubby, sometimes, but only I think because he thinks he can't do that... now where was I?

Oh yes, (am I good, or am I good with this?) so earlier, as I'm happily reading my fave sites, I came across this--


Funny enough, I haven't really thought of buying the classic ones, but these ones talk to me. Surprise, surprise. They're not coming out til Spring of 2012 though.... Perfect! I don't need to obsess over them for another 5/6 months. And by then, I may have forgotten them already... I'm ok with that, I think...


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