Sunday, 23 October 2011

Another Obsession Bites the Dust

After yesterday's morning activity, I thought I'd take my time coming home. Along the way, I happen to pass by stores which "kinda" reminded me that I was "kinda" looking for this item for a loooong while now. My sis and I were talking about it before. A girlfriend even got it on one of our "walks". And to top that, I recently came across this --

So, to make the story short, I ended up with this-

H&M faux leather leggings

I guess they're not called obsessions for nothing...

And strangely enough, as I get to do more activities similar to what I did yesterday morning, before the shopping definitely, the more I realize that it if I can give as much effort to things that would benefit others, I can also do the same at home, which if you really think about, would only allow me to be in an even better position to give more effort. 

So really, why can't or shouldn't I? And if I do do that, then another good thing to come out of that, hopefully, is that I will think less of shopping, and more importantly, these nagging obsessions.

Win-win-win situation... I like lots...

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