Saturday, 22 October 2011

Television Schmelevision (hopefully)

Didn't realize how much TV I watch until we switched cable company (yesterday) and practically half of the channels that I'm used to is gone!!!!! *Panic*

 Ok, ok, I know I watch a LOT, but I didn't realize how much. Isn't that sad? And kinda' scary considering I think I'm going through some kind of withdrawal. Then, I remember how some people I know don't even have cable at all. Cray cray, right?!?!

On the other hand, a majority of those people I know who don't have cable watch their movies or shows on the internet. Again, cray cray!... It's just me, isn't it?!? Or should I say, people of my generation, right? A friend of mine said she was recently reminded by her son that only her (our) generation still watches cable TV. Yikes!

Now, as for those without cable and also do not watch online, all I can say is, good on them! Really!

As for me, I suppose I can continue to panic, whine about it til hubby cannot take it so we end up taking the more expensive package which will totally defeat the purpose of us switching cable companies to begin with. *big sigh*

Or, I can be just normal about it and do OTHER things... Well, for starter, we do have a bunch of DVDs that I haven't seen (yes, I said DVD) and I've bought them a while baaaack. Also, I realize I have a bunch of books that I've been meaning to read.

... among a bunch of them...

See, I'm already finding things to do, things that I probably should have been doing in the first place... Hey, maybe one of these days, I'll be like, TV? what's that?... NOT!


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