Saturday, 8 October 2011


As another week bites the dust, it made me think of what happened to my week. I know for a fact I hardly, as in hardly, went out, so I'm thinking what wasted ate my time. In short, really, I did squat. HAH!

So what did eat my time, other than the shopping done earlier in the week?

courtesy of (via Google images)
courtesy of (via Google images)
courtesy of
(via Google images)
Vogue, Sept 2011, cover

... plus these,

From top left, clockwise: Korean-style short ribs,
risotto with saffron, ribs, and rapini with garlic

Ok, so not completely squat, I suppose. My brain still managed to get some exercise, right? And managed to utilize dexterity in the kitchen too, right?

... Man, time just flies, doesn't it?


  1. Hey, at least, these are great time-wasters:P

  2. Mmm delicious food! :) I like your blog. If you want we can follow each other! :)


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