Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Story of Another Purse

Not really sure what's happening lately... It all started last week.  Everyday, on my way to work, I'd pass by Aldo and this purse on the window display just kept catching my attention.


Reminds me of another tote I was obsessing over recently, surprise, surprise!

So there I was one night, on my way home, on the other side of the street, almost home at that, when something made me look across the street (wonder what that could have been:p). Next thing I knew, my feet started walking this diagonal direction, towards the road, looked left, saw no car, looked right, still saw no car, then started crossing the street.

And where did my feet take me?

Seriously, how can one not like this baby?!? Orange, good! Yellow, good! Pink, good! Best part, it can convert to a crossbody, and the strap is yellow as well!!! eeeek 

And I was almost home too!!!!

I still don't know what happened... tut-tut...

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


After the problem with the computer, I honestly thought I'd go into a withdrawal and get all weirded out being out of touch with the "world" out there. As it turned out, I didn't miss it that much. It actually felt nice to not have the compulsion to go constantly online and check what's out there. It felt nice to be unplugged for a change.

But was I really unplugged? I continued to get my emails on my phone. I still went online on my phone to check things once in a while, although granted I didn't spend as much time.

I also thought it was a good time to catch up on some stuff I wanted to do at home, granted they were chores so I guess there's a reason right there why I needed to "catch" up. Then there were books and mags I've been meaning to read for a while now. Granted I didn't really get to the books, got as far as reading some mags. Then of course the TV shows that's been lingering in our DVR that I've been meaning to watch for a while now.

Which brings me to my next thought, the slow death of normal TV. With the onset of DVR, how can one seriously still sit thru commercials these days? Of course, the more one get used to skipping thru ads, the more one keep on taping shows with the thought that it'd be watched a little later without the ads. So what happens, in the mean time? One finds more inane things to get preoccupied with and that taped show just stays saved. For how long? Who knows.

Before one realizes it, there's no longer enough hours in a day. All for what?


So, I wonder what would it take to get really unplugged? How would it really feel?

Guess I'll just wonder for now, as my show's about to start... Yah, right! Who am I kidding! I'm just moving on to the next inane thing...

Gotta love technology!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Purist vs. Experimental

For lunch today, a bunch of us decided to get food from this place. It came highly recommended.

We settled on their pizzas.

BBQ duck with hoisin sauce

Now for a "simple" food like pizza, a lot can go wrong funny enough. The crust, the sauce, the cheese. Oh, no, no, not with this one, thank god! The crust has a nice chew to it. Plus I love asian bbq duck, with hoisin sauce on top of that! Of course, I normally don't have it on a pizza, but hey, duck,  good, pizza, good! So what's not to like?!

But it just got me thinking, that's all.

For people like hubs who has pizza sauce running in his vein and I wouldn't be surprised if a genoa salami is lodged somewhere in his organs (and not pepperoni, that's for sure, as that would mean pepper, if you ask him LOL), a pizza, a good pizza that is, is a wedge with not too thin/thick crust, pizza sauce with a nice bite to it and a hint of sweetness, sprinkled with quality mozzarella, and a topping or 2, you know, to really enjoy every ingredient. That's it.

(And not even gonna talk about the other "simple" food that is burger for the the same people who enjoy a nice piece of juicy hamburger without any accoutrement to distract from the real flavor of a nice piece of quality ground beef.:p)

Then places like this joint came along where a chef, creative enough, decided to think outside the box and play with food, so to speak.

For me, I'm all for those kind of "play" on food. Most of the time, anyway.

And as I continued to partake and had a slice of this other pizza, I kept saying, with every bite I took that for a shrimp and mango salsa pizza, there's not mcuh mango to taste nor enough shrimp to sink my teeth into. Then I learned why, after I polished off a slice. It was because it wasn't the shrimp and mango salsa pizza I thought it was! It was vegetarian!!!


So once in a while, without a doubt, I can't help but hanker for familiar flavors. No confusion at least...

Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Power of Suggestion

This is me last Sunday, at H&M.

I've mentioned in a different post how I didn't get it.

Fast forward a week later, look what made its way into my closet?!?!

It's the same color, trust me:p

Wanna know why?!? Hmmm... talking to the sis earlier in the day, part of the conversation revolved around this particular top that I didn't get. Sis kinda' made me remember how much I reallllly liked this top when I first tried it. And with sis further reinforcing what I already know, what choice do I really have, tell me!!! HAH!

She knows how much I liked it and how much it suited me, she really had no choice but get upset at me for doing myself such a disservice. Now I can't get her upset now, can I!!! So I only had 1 choice, really, don't I?


Ahhh, excuses, excuses...

{Un}Fortunately, the top is still there, whew!

And as I was heading to line up to pay for my top, another item caught my eye...

Now, what reason do I have this time for this tank? Hmmm... lemme think, ok? I'm sure I'll be able to come up with one... Hmmm...

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

How Valentine 2012 Went Down

I mentioned previously how we don't quite celebrate Valentine's Day. For reasons I mentioned previously.

And having been married for a while now, we're kinda' past that stage of flowers on V-Day as well. I will receive them from hubs on real special occasions, and sometimes, just for the heck of it. So, just imagine my surprise, when I got home...

And for dinner, just as hubs and I know how bad it is, he still went ahead and bought it and was waiting for me when I got home...

... just because I've been talking about getting it for a while now, and he knows how much I'd enjoy it heehee...

Nothing that a few kms of walk can't negate... I hope... :p

Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentine's Day

WARNING: this is not a Valentine post, so nothing sappy or romantic thoughts to follow. Just saying...

Anyway, all kidding aside, ever since I lost a (very, very) loved one on Valentine's Day, the day has just taken on a whole lotta' different meaning... for obvious reasons...

The funny thing about all this, funny being used loosely, is that whereas cemeteries, in general, freak me out in the past, now it provide solace; well, at least one in particular. Sadly, and almost foolishly, the one place on earth where for brief moments at a time, I feel like I'm able to hang on to this wispy thread of a connection to a piece of concrete slab, really, and the earth where the piece of concrete stand. That whether it's real or not, at the end of the day, regardless what other people would say, feels real in my head... Every time, for 6 years now...

And so, come tomorrow, as the majority of the world couples out there celebrate this Valentine's Day, me and hubs will be thinking of something else, someone else. Which if I really think about, I guess, may be just one of the most romantic thing hubs have done so far, among the many... By honoring my departed loved one, he honors me...

What more can a gal ask for, no?

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Rainy Days and Sundays

I didn't step out of the house at all yesterday so today, I thought I'd get some fresh air. Granted it was pretty much raining all day, but it's not the heavy rain kind, more like the misty kind. Before we moved to this city, I didn't think it's possible to rain as much, even though you hear about it all the time. Turns out, it can.

I know it drives some people crazy, Vancouverites and (Brit) Londoners not counting, the amount of rain that we get, that is. Considering I was neither born nor raised here, I don't mind it at all. That feeling of washing away... Besides, it's not snow, for sure. Hah!

So, got my fresh air earlier, so to speak, that is if you count circulated mall air fresh hehe... Did I buy something? Maybe... *sheepish grin*...

For dindin tonight, hubs and I decided to make this.

Octopus salad

First of all, we've been kinda' craving it for a while now. Second, it's hard enough as it is to get this in the market so hubs actually had to place a special order for this.

I realize this is not necessarily the first dish you'll think of as a comfort food kinda food, especially on a rainy day. But hey, hubs got the call when he got the call. And with a crusty bread and a nice bottle of vino, I say that's comforting enough:p

And for dessert, V-Day is coming up after all, not that we celebrate it, but thought we'd have this.

Strawberry cheesecake

And, no, didn't make it... heehee...

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Another Day, Another Dollar; Another Week...

As I was leaving the office last night, I didn't think I'd actually join some girls at work for drinks at this place, like I thought I originally would. Or so I thought anyway.

About to start my walk, I got stopped by one of the girls who were going out for the drink... yadda, yadda, yadda... To make the story really short, it took 3 seconds to twist my rubber arm and change my mind. HAH!

I'm not really a beer kinda' gal, but I thought I'd try the special. I realized after, special or not, that I'm really not a beer kinda' gal.

Mini-Yorkies (mini yorkshire pudding with Alberta beef,
caramelized onion and horseradish, with au jus on the side)

This came recommended, apparently, by the bartender.

At the end of the night, I was glad I did go.

... was that a hand etched on the bottom of the glass?
Saying STOP! (?) LOL

Sure, I was tired when I got home, but it's not much more tired had I not gone. Or maybe I just convinced myself that? Or maybe because it was Friday after all? Regardless, I had fun, and that's what matters, right?:p

... only in Vancouver, I tell ya!

Then, hubs showed me this beer when I got home. Cheeky, I thought, no? Well, at the very least, I think it's a good conversation piece...

Here's to the weekend!

Thursday, 9 February 2012


The other day, at Costco, I had a box of cookies that I thought I'd bring to work for the office to enjoy As we were heading to the cashier area to pay for our stuff, we passed by the magazine rack.

Before hubs could say anything, and really, before I knew it, there I was grabbing 2 magazines to put in our cart, after which, I dipped into the cart and started to walk towards the back of the store with the box of cookies on hand.

Since hubs looked confused as to what just happened, I told him that the cookies went back in lieu of the mags. I figured, I can always get the cookies for the office some other time. At that moment, I thought I'd rather get the mags only. Another thing, I thought I'd only be doing the office a favor by not getting the cookies since it would spare us all unnecessary extra calories, AND I would get my fashion fix on top of that! Win-win, no?!? HAH!

Makes me wonder myself how eschewed my priorities must look like sometimes. I'd like to think that I've only done this for small inconsequential things. God forbid if I did the same regarding more important things like life-changing decisions... Well, if I did, at least I wasn't aware of it, nor do I want to be aware of it, ever...

More HAH!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

More Obsessions

Blogs beget more blogs beget more blogs...

I came across this blog recently, which is becoming a quick favorite, which made me come across this pic of hers.

And I'm just saying, that neon yellow belt just decided to implant itself in my brain.

So, last weekend, I couldn't resist anymore so out I went looking for it. *sigh*

And what did I find?

Gap belt

Yes, I know it's not yellow, but it's orange!!! How can anyone resist orange, really?!! Oh, it's just me? hehe Needless to say, not counting the orange belt, Sunday was spent searching high and low for that yellow belt. Who knew it'll be that difficult!! I guess I've gotten on the bandwagon a tad late. And no, no online shopping for this gal, shameful sad to say...

Then, on my walk home tonight, after having wondered for 2 more days why it's so hard to find this darn yellow belt, decided to walk into Aldo Accessories

And yes, this time, success!!!

Yellow: Oh, hi there! I'm new!
Orange: Hi back! Me too!
Yellow: Aren't we a pair of bright 'uns?
Orange: We are, aren't we!

I have way too much time on my hand, you think? Far from truth, ironically enough.

an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mind

Question, now what to do with that yellow belt? HAH!

Sunday, 5 February 2012


I've always loved loved loved the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson. Enough that I think I still have 8 of his collection books. Yup! That much!

courtesy of wikipedia

I love its satirical undertones, its wit, and it just makes me laugh.

I remember one strip where Calvin made a decision that his life should have a soundtrack to make it more interesting, just like the way they do it in movies, even while doing mundane things such as having breakfast, or something like that. And I thought how cool would that be, if our lives do have a soundtrack?!?

Talking to my sis one time on the phone, I could hear one of my nephews singing, so I asked my sis what he was doing. Apparently, he was just playing with his toys. See, even he thinks it's cool to have music in the background while he's playing, and I bet it's to make his playtime more interesting. Granted he's a little boy...

Anyhoot, it made me think what my life's soundtrack will sound like, if indeed, I can add a soundtrack to my life, hmmmm...

If my life, to date, is a montage, starting from my teen years, the soundtrack would probably look like this:

1. "Do You Know Where You're Going To?"  by Diana Ross (as a highschooler trying to figure out the meaning of life)
2. "Leaving on a Jetplane" by John Denver (as a girl in late teens about to move with the family, leaving friends and the life I knew behind)
3. "Looking for Love" by Johnny Lee (in search for love through my twenties)
4. "Water From the Moon" by Celine Dion (every time I thought found the "one" then realizing I was wrong, see above song heehee)
5. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper (as a single girl out and about town with my best gals)
6. "Feels Like Home" by Chantal Kreviazuk (when I did find the "one") <3<3<3
7. "California" by Phantom Planet (what now feels like a surreal period)
8. "Home" by Michael Buble (can't stay away too long after all)
9. "Dance with My Father" by Luther Vandross (sad does not even describe it)
10. "Umbrella" by Rihanna (literally too, hah!)
11. "Run the World (Girls)" by Beyonce (well, that's the plan, anyways... hehe)

So far so good, no? HAH!

I must say that was kinda' fun!:p

Friday, 3 February 2012

Today's Life Question

 --- What's For Dinner?

Has there ever been a more difficult question, I ask? HAH!

Not sure how hubs and I go thru' this dilemma with such drama sometimes, but we do. Seriously, you'd think we're trying to solve the world issues the way we go at it sometimes. Why is that?!?!

I suppose it does(n't) help that we have such diverse likes in food, almost opposite sometimes. I go for flavor, period *sheepish grin*. He goes for simple with healthy in mind. I go for what's convenient, translation: do we like that eat-in or to-go. He goes for what's convenient, translation: what's in the fridge that we can whip up quickly. I tend to go for Asian cuisine (surprise, surprise) when put to pressure. He tends to go for, er, for lack of better word, not Asian food all the time, when put to pressure. LOL

I'm sorry, food is important to me, what can I say!... heehee...

And as my tummy start to grumble, let the pondering continue. Ah, such is life...
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