Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Purist vs. Experimental

For lunch today, a bunch of us decided to get food from this place. It came highly recommended.

We settled on their pizzas.

BBQ duck with hoisin sauce

Now for a "simple" food like pizza, a lot can go wrong funny enough. The crust, the sauce, the cheese. Oh, no, no, not with this one, thank god! The crust has a nice chew to it. Plus I love asian bbq duck, with hoisin sauce on top of that! Of course, I normally don't have it on a pizza, but hey, duck,  good, pizza, good! So what's not to like?!

But it just got me thinking, that's all.

For people like hubs who has pizza sauce running in his vein and I wouldn't be surprised if a genoa salami is lodged somewhere in his organs (and not pepperoni, that's for sure, as that would mean pepper, if you ask him LOL), a pizza, a good pizza that is, is a wedge with not too thin/thick crust, pizza sauce with a nice bite to it and a hint of sweetness, sprinkled with quality mozzarella, and a topping or 2, you know, to really enjoy every ingredient. That's it.

(And not even gonna talk about the other "simple" food that is burger for the the same people who enjoy a nice piece of juicy hamburger without any accoutrement to distract from the real flavor of a nice piece of quality ground beef.:p)

Then places like this joint came along where a chef, creative enough, decided to think outside the box and play with food, so to speak.

For me, I'm all for those kind of "play" on food. Most of the time, anyway.

And as I continued to partake and had a slice of this other pizza, I kept saying, with every bite I took that for a shrimp and mango salsa pizza, there's not mcuh mango to taste nor enough shrimp to sink my teeth into. Then I learned why, after I polished off a slice. It was because it wasn't the shrimp and mango salsa pizza I thought it was! It was vegetarian!!!


So once in a while, without a doubt, I can't help but hanker for familiar flavors. No confusion at least...

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