Friday, 3 February 2012

Today's Life Question

 --- What's For Dinner?

Has there ever been a more difficult question, I ask? HAH!

Not sure how hubs and I go thru' this dilemma with such drama sometimes, but we do. Seriously, you'd think we're trying to solve the world issues the way we go at it sometimes. Why is that?!?!

I suppose it does(n't) help that we have such diverse likes in food, almost opposite sometimes. I go for flavor, period *sheepish grin*. He goes for simple with healthy in mind. I go for what's convenient, translation: do we like that eat-in or to-go. He goes for what's convenient, translation: what's in the fridge that we can whip up quickly. I tend to go for Asian cuisine (surprise, surprise) when put to pressure. He tends to go for, er, for lack of better word, not Asian food all the time, when put to pressure. LOL

I'm sorry, food is important to me, what can I say!... heehee...

And as my tummy start to grumble, let the pondering continue. Ah, such is life...


  1. But that's what ordering in is for! :P

  2. Yes, that too! That's what I said, but apparently, some people have a different idea LOL

  3. haha good post, what's for dinner is certainly always an important question in my life :)

    xo Gillie


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