Tuesday, 7 February 2012

More Obsessions

Blogs beget more blogs beget more blogs...

I came across this blog recently, which is becoming a quick favorite, which made me come across this pic of hers.

And I'm just saying, that neon yellow belt just decided to implant itself in my brain.

So, last weekend, I couldn't resist anymore so out I went looking for it. *sigh*

And what did I find?

Gap belt

Yes, I know it's not yellow, but it's orange!!! How can anyone resist orange, really?!! Oh, it's just me? hehe Needless to say, not counting the orange belt, Sunday was spent searching high and low for that yellow belt. Who knew it'll be that difficult!! I guess I've gotten on the bandwagon a tad late. And no, no online shopping for this gal, shameful sad to say...

Then, on my walk home tonight, after having wondered for 2 more days why it's so hard to find this darn yellow belt, decided to walk into Aldo Accessories

And yes, this time, success!!!

Yellow: Oh, hi there! I'm new!
Orange: Hi back! Me too!
Yellow: Aren't we a pair of bright 'uns?
Orange: We are, aren't we!

I have way too much time on my hand, you think? Far from truth, ironically enough.

an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mind

Question, now what to do with that yellow belt? HAH!


  1. The yellow one in very trendy , I also like le Gap's one , So cool !

    Thanks for visiting our blog and look at "candy's" shows ;)


  2. LOLZ...you can never have enough belts!

  3. My thoughts exactly, to both you guys:p thnx:)

  4. I'm jealous, I've definitely been meaning to jump on the neon accessories bandwagon and those are both gorgeous, I want them both!

    xo Gillie

  5. whew, good to know it's not just me LOL... thnx, Gillie!


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