Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Food Truck Paradise

Over the weekend, had the opportunity to check out the food truck fest happening nearby. Sure beat chasing each one of them around town.

Holy Perogy is right!

Street Meet food cart

Risotto balls (from Street Meet)

Pork belly bites (from Street Meet)

Virgin pomegranate sangria (from Street Meet)


... guess which flavor we got? hehe

And since we couldn't really stay there for long, how much food can you ingest in one sitting after all, we decided to go for coffee elsewhere.

... shortly after we parked, came across this party... how fun and cute!

... Waterfront station...

Guess we're trying to pack as much outdoor (urban) activities as we could. It won't be summer forever after all. Well, until the next one, that is, anyway...

Sunday, 26 August 2012

My Week, in Food, Sorta'

This past week has just been busy at work. Got me going to different offices for meetings, talking with different people to get a feel of the new task at hand, mundane stuff, in short hehe... Nah, everyday was a productive day no less, but it didn't really leave me with much energy at the end of each day to think of or do anything else. I know I'll find my groove eventually...

Besides, work or not, it's just been really quiet. Not my thoughts, but just in the activities arena in general. But I suppose that's what makes the difference, with the mind not being quiet and all it wants to do is just try to sort everything out and put everything in its place. Sometimes, that takes time apparently.

But one area, for sure, where my mind can take a break and go along in its merry ways is the kitchen, or really, any place associated with food. Fortunately, that could be anywhere, in and out of the house. HAH!

Inside --

Quark-Creamy Pasta

BLT with Avocado = BLAT?:p

Crab and corn cakes

Outside --

Shiyo ramen at Ramen Jinya... getting to that time of the year *sigh*

... what's left of the perogies, from a food truck... yum!

Ahhhh, yumminess...

Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Dog Days of Summer

The last few days have been quite full. With good stuff, anyways...

... part of the garden by City Hall
... celebrating a birthday by the beach
Spanish Banks
... facing downtown
... waiting for sunset

... just watching the tiny waves

... having fun by the water

... going
... gone

... enjoying summer (from inside the office)

... out with friends

... another gorgeous evening

... at Brazilfest... reminds me of childhood in the Philippines
yucca and chicharron, yum!

Ahhh... the dog days of summer... you're more than welcome to linger...

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

"I am So Smart... s-m-r-t!"

A woman at work and I could not have picked a better time to walk home than this afternoon *snort*. First of all, it was hot! Second, we decided to take a different route tonight and headed more west. West! In the afternoon! And boy, did that sun shine brightly! On our faces! Are we smart, or are we smart! By the time we walked into a store, I dunno about her, but I felt really icky. I must have sweated an arm or something.

But, along the way, the city did kinda make up for our "smart" decision (not that it was the city's fault)...

For brief moments, I did forget how hard the sun was beating down on us just looking at this view. And since we were close to the water of all, we did get moments of respite from the heat thanks to the sea breeze.

Ah, summer...

Monday, 13 August 2012

It's All a Matter of Perspective... Just Saying

I previously talked about my itsy-bitsy shopping indiscretion that just happened recently. Believe it or not, those items, as numerous as they appeared to be, were carefully whittled down to what's only required. Granted, my definition of "what's required" is probably more liberal than some people's, but that's neither here nor there.

And for every item purchased, I'd say a good item or 2 are tried on, examined, looked at every angle, and apparently, photographed (for posterity sake?), then discarded.

So, really, if I compare the number of clothes/shoes tried on to what's actually purchased, I'd say it's a pretty small ratio. It's just a matter of perspective.


Okay, even I know how lame that sounds. But just saying... hehe...

First came the Hits, now the Misses...

From H&M. Saw this dress on one of my fave blogs. It looked really good on her. On me? I know it's not the worst dress I've put on, but I wasn't in love with it either. It felt like I was trying too hard to relive my girlhood, no thanks. Pass.

From H&M. On the hanger, this new flower print of theirs look all girly and nice. It felt like a tat gone wrong on me, just saying. Pass.

From Winners. I almost got this dress. In the dressing room, I thought it was a perfect update to the LBD. But then I remembered how many black dresses I have already and considering how hubs and I are more homebodies, I wondered where I'd wear this. So I didn't get it. Whew! And rightfully so, now looking at this image. Yikes! Pass.

A shame too, since I kinda' liked the back details. O well. And all those clothes to the left? All misses. Pass.

From Old Navy. Again, saw this heart-print wannabe J Crew dress on some of my fave blogs so when I saw it on sale and in my supposed size in the store, thought I'd try it on. I felt like a walking lab sample about to pass thru a microscope. Oh, plus the underarms didn't fit well and I certainly was not willing to consider alteration in this case. Pass.

From Old Navy. I felt like a dalmatian, a highly organized and anal dalmatian no less, that needs to line up all its spots, I mean dots. Pass.

From Old Navy. It kinda' reminded me of an anemic cheetah. And the length was just wrong on me. Pass.

So, take these items for example. I know for the most part they looked ok. In my young(er) years, when I was less discriminate (yes, WAS) about my shopping choices, I would have convinced myself that I looked good enough in them that they probably would have gone home with me. Now with a lil more wisdom (I said just a lil), I'm more discerning with my options.

Again, perspective, right?


Saturday, 11 August 2012

A Lil (Shopping) Indiscretion Never Hurt Anyone, eh?

Since July and August's shopping budget has been blown to smithereens at the beginning of July, or should I say end of June, I thought summer shopping was a lost cause and one I shouldn't even bother rectifying (how could I, unless I decided to up the budget but who would I be kidding then, eh?). If you can't beat them, ie, these semi-annual/summer sales, then join them, isn't that what they say?

J Crew bermuda shorts
Gap jeggings
Jessica seersucker jacket

Soludos by J Crew espadrilles
CK shorts and Fashion Forward belt

There goes another month's worth of shopping budget...

Holy moly cannoli!!! Now that I put the images in this way, clearance sale or not, what am I thinking?!? I guess I did kinda' up the budget inadvertently, didn't I? And you'd think that's it, eh? Sadly, no. Eeek!!!

Here's from the last (extra) long weekend *sigh*...

Expression sandals (The Bay)

Melia sandals (The Bay)

H&M striped shirt

H&M dotted blouse
Old Navy gingham shirt

Old Navy ballet flats

And there goes, yes, another month's worth of shopping budget... I'm telling you, the indiscretion would have been a whole lotta' worse if not for the misses *thankful sigh*

If it's any consolation, because of the awesome clearance sale, practically all the items (except the H&M ones, but it's H&M!) are 50% off, at the very least, or more. I know, I know, I did say IF it's any consolation. And strangely enough, the more I think about it, I seem to go thru this cycle of major shopping every other year. Which would make sense, I suppose, since I find stuff at the end of the season, at really low prices, but does not leave me much time to wear them for the current season but should find much usage come the year after, which would explain, I suppose, why I go for more classic cuts and colors(?)... blah, blah, blah...

And again, clearance sale or not, I know I'm calling myself out from here on out. I have to! Really, at this rate, there should be no more shopping til kingdom come...

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