Saturday, 11 August 2012

A Lil (Shopping) Indiscretion Never Hurt Anyone, eh?

Since July and August's shopping budget has been blown to smithereens at the beginning of July, or should I say end of June, I thought summer shopping was a lost cause and one I shouldn't even bother rectifying (how could I, unless I decided to up the budget but who would I be kidding then, eh?). If you can't beat them, ie, these semi-annual/summer sales, then join them, isn't that what they say?

J Crew bermuda shorts
Gap jeggings
Jessica seersucker jacket

Soludos by J Crew espadrilles
CK shorts and Fashion Forward belt

There goes another month's worth of shopping budget...

Holy moly cannoli!!! Now that I put the images in this way, clearance sale or not, what am I thinking?!? I guess I did kinda' up the budget inadvertently, didn't I? And you'd think that's it, eh? Sadly, no. Eeek!!!

Here's from the last (extra) long weekend *sigh*...

Expression sandals (The Bay)

Melia sandals (The Bay)

H&M striped shirt

H&M dotted blouse
Old Navy gingham shirt

Old Navy ballet flats

And there goes, yes, another month's worth of shopping budget... I'm telling you, the indiscretion would have been a whole lotta' worse if not for the misses *thankful sigh*

If it's any consolation, because of the awesome clearance sale, practically all the items (except the H&M ones, but it's H&M!) are 50% off, at the very least, or more. I know, I know, I did say IF it's any consolation. And strangely enough, the more I think about it, I seem to go thru this cycle of major shopping every other year. Which would make sense, I suppose, since I find stuff at the end of the season, at really low prices, but does not leave me much time to wear them for the current season but should find much usage come the year after, which would explain, I suppose, why I go for more classic cuts and colors(?)... blah, blah, blah...

And again, clearance sale or not, I know I'm calling myself out from here on out. I have to! Really, at this rate, there should be no more shopping til kingdom come...


  1. These are all awesome buy!! I, too, can never resist when things go on sale!!

  2. nice post, you must had had a great time shopping xoxo
    would you like to follow each other?

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    1. Too much of a good time, I found haha... thnx:p

  3. Well, if they're on sale....i always think it's justified

  4. Great finds. They were on sale, so at least you got some great deals!!


  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Marta! I love them too, as you can see:p


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