Sunday, 26 August 2012

My Week, in Food, Sorta'

This past week has just been busy at work. Got me going to different offices for meetings, talking with different people to get a feel of the new task at hand, mundane stuff, in short hehe... Nah, everyday was a productive day no less, but it didn't really leave me with much energy at the end of each day to think of or do anything else. I know I'll find my groove eventually...

Besides, work or not, it's just been really quiet. Not my thoughts, but just in the activities arena in general. But I suppose that's what makes the difference, with the mind not being quiet and all it wants to do is just try to sort everything out and put everything in its place. Sometimes, that takes time apparently.

But one area, for sure, where my mind can take a break and go along in its merry ways is the kitchen, or really, any place associated with food. Fortunately, that could be anywhere, in and out of the house. HAH!

Inside --

Quark-Creamy Pasta

BLT with Avocado = BLAT?:p

Crab and corn cakes

Outside --

Shiyo ramen at Ramen Jinya... getting to that time of the year *sigh*

... what's left of the perogies, from a food truck... yum!

Ahhhh, yumminess...


  1. I'm glad I had lunch already. But still that ramen is making me hungry again!

  2. this looks soooo good!

  3. Dayum....should really stop reading your food posts so late into the night. So hungry now!

  4. Yumm those corn cakes look good! I just ate dinner but all of a sudden i'm craving crab cakes.


  5. lovely blog!
    wanna follow each other?

  6. Nice post,
    made me crave for lots of food though.
    The pasta and crab cakes... I want!

  7. Thanks, y'all! The food was yum indeed:p


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