Wednesday, 15 August 2012

"I am So Smart... s-m-r-t!"

A woman at work and I could not have picked a better time to walk home than this afternoon *snort*. First of all, it was hot! Second, we decided to take a different route tonight and headed more west. West! In the afternoon! And boy, did that sun shine brightly! On our faces! Are we smart, or are we smart! By the time we walked into a store, I dunno about her, but I felt really icky. I must have sweated an arm or something.

But, along the way, the city did kinda make up for our "smart" decision (not that it was the city's fault)...

For brief moments, I did forget how hard the sun was beating down on us just looking at this view. And since we were close to the water of all, we did get moments of respite from the heat thanks to the sea breeze.

Ah, summer...


  1. Oh, I know that feeling and i hate it too! Hot and puffy and sweaty..eeks

  2. That is smrt...I mean smart:P

  3. haha.... i understand how you feel.

    have a lovely wknd.

  4. Those are such stunning pics,
    hope it was not that hot,
    you'll appreciate your walk more.
    Next time you know ♥

    Enjoy the weekend.


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