Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Buddy Reads

With work going a thousand miles a minute, a book blog that I'm trying to get going, a bachelorette party for baby sis that I'm trying to work on, house chores that are just piling up, blah, blah blah... there really isn't enough time in a day sometimes, but hey, there always is, or should I say, there always should be, for things that give you me pleasure. Riiight??? Riiight!!!...

Ever since I joined Goodreads, I had the pleasure of joining a group within the website. And within this group, we regularly buddy-read books.

The mechanics is quite simple. There is a start date. Once you start reading, you post what percentage,or page, you're at. You can talk about a particular scene, or what you're feeling at that point, or anything you think noteworthy. You use spoiler tags if you think what you're about to write may spoil the experience for those who haven't reached that point. And when you're done, you write about how you feel about it. Opinions can differ, obviously, but that is the beauty of it. And the whole process is quite organic, I thought. Because depending on what's being posted, the discussion can veer off the book itself but I think it just enhances the experience.

When friends outside my online world ask what it is, I always say it's the online equivalent of a book club. But I think it's much more than that. Book club meetings tend to happen once a book is read. Buddy reads happen from the time you pick up the book to the time you finish reading and possibly even past that. And the beauty of it is you can talk about the book right from the start. If there's a part you're not understanding, you have your "buddies" to ask for clarification. If you're struggling with certain parts, your "buddies" can hold your hand, so to speak, to get you through it or at least help to make sense of things. If you're feeling particularly sad about a certain scene, you know you're not alone. And whether you enjoyed it or not, there is an immediacy to the response as there's always someone online.

Best part of all, you're not limited by geography. The buddy reads I've joined tend to have readers from North America and Europe, for the most part. Can't get any cooler than that, no?...

... Like I said, things that can give you me pleasure... Riiight??? Riiight!!!

Have you ever done buddy reads? Do you like it?

Monday, 23 February 2015

Well, Hello There!

Holy cow! It's been almost a year since my last post, how about that! 10 days to a year to be exact! Crikey!!!

Clearly, I'm still around, and yup, this is what happens when real life takes over. Or should I say, when another blog takes over my non-work life...

Let's just say that this has kinda' taken over my waking hours, much to my hubby's chagrin *sheepish smile*...

My trusted Kobo reader, and my fairly new other toy... I've burned thru an android tablet last year and by happenstance, and I swear, pure happenstance, my rubber arms got twisted and ended up with the iPad Mini over Christmas *chuckles*.

And can't forget about my phone too. Seriously, I'm pretty sure if hubby can chuck them all, he would, considering the amount of time spent on those gadgets. Hah!

Anyhoot, they're mostly for reading my gazillion e-books (I wish I'm kidding when I say gazillion O.o), which pretty much translates, as a consequence, to copious amount of time spent on Goodreads to kvetch with my kindred bookworms; which then led me, crazily enough, to creating a book blog, imagine that! No, not gonna say which one, as I'm not prepared yet to mix this world and that... What? Me, hide something? Nevah!

So as much as I want to say that something super dramatic occurred in the last year which would explain my absence, no, not really... Unless you count the roller coaster of a ride I've been having at work as well. And by roller coaster ride, I don't mean the fun one. It's more like the scary gargantuan one. Seriously, I just want to make sure I don't lose my grip, in case I get flung around by accident. Just saying...

And on that note, I thought I'd end this with something representative of my handle name, the latest addition to my collection. Ok, it was bought over Christmas, but I'm still waiting for the right weather to wear them >.< {Un}Retail therapy or not, as far as I'm concerned, it's always, after all, about the...

Tory Burch ballet flats

Riiight?!? Riiight!!!

Happy Day y'all!

Monday, 3 March 2014


... I've been liking-

Batiste Dry Shampoo

I've tried a number of them out there, and this is a fave, so far. The scent is mild, it doesn't weigh my hair down, and the spray doesn't clog (yes, that's important lol).

Bath and Body Super Softening Hand Lotion

I like em thick and this one sure is (that didn't come out right, did it? O.o)

BCBG "Fearless" bracelet (Hudson Bay)

This is a purchase from the last holiday season. Bold accessory + awesome message = win-win.


I love this dollar store purchase! Mom has it, sis has it, in-laws have it, I gotta have it too! HAHA... Doesn't it just make you...
(via Google images)



Some close friends are on Whatsapp so it's become one of the most convenient way to keep in touch. For me, it's like the BBM for the masses. Because apparently, I may be the last holdout on Blackberry >.<

Lobster Mac and Cheese from Rogue

Ok, not that I'm liking this continuously, I wish I can. Unless I want to weigh 500 lbs, I suppose...

Outing with friends... ok, not that I'm only liking this lately. Heck, how can you not like the idea at any time, no?

And of course, last but certainly not least...

T25 program (via)

My T25 program! Week 5 and counting! Alpha phase done, moving on to Beta phase. 5 more weeks! Wheee!!!

(I should thank my sis for this idea. Stole this from her blog hehe)

So what have you been enjoying lately?

Monday, 17 February 2014

This One's For You

So Valentine's Day has come and gone, and as I may have mentioned in the past, Valentine's Day has taken on a new meaning 8 years ago. I'ts just one of those things...

This was one of my Dad's ties, one of my fave, as a matter of fact, that I've hold on to now for 8 years. And without any planning really on my part, it's something that's now part of my wardrobe once a year ever since. Call it silly, call it whatever, I call it my ritual, my tribute, my celebration, my connection...

Missing as always...

Is it just me, or do you have the same rituals?

Monday, 10 February 2014

New Year's Resolution

Yes, yes, I know it's already February. I've yet to pick up my momentum to blog as regularly as I used to, not sure why. Oh, I know why. It's totally reflective of my real life, I admit. At times, it takes me a bit of time to work my way towards something I've been meaning to do. Call it lazy, call it procrastinating, call it whatever, but the way I've always seen it, I figure I'll get there eventually, no? O.o

Anyways, I can't even recall anymore the last time I made a New Year's resolution list. I must have been a child. Seriously, it's been that long. If it's still not clear, it was because I never really put any effort into it. By Jan 2, my resolution, whatever it was, has usually fizzled out. Hah!

This year though, not really sure what happened, I've decided to take on things and really do something about it. Very top of my list is to lose weight. Surprise, surprise! (ok, you have no context so perhaps not, but at the same time, this is usually on most people's list, right?)

When I started out with this thought, I knew I have to do something but didn't really know what. Enter one of my staff who casually asked if I will work out with her if she buys the T25 program. Without hesitation, I said yes. Talk about perfect timing, eh?

via T25 Facebook page

So finally, her order has arrived, and on Jan 27th, we got started. And oh boy, talk about brutal when we first got started! Thank god there's a bunch of us doing this, coz really, if I started out with just myself, who knows, I may have stopped by day 3 (hehe). And here we are, here I am, 2 weeks later, 1/2"-1" smaller all around, and still on it, big yay! And this is without even sticking to a diet, really. Not bad, right? 2 weeks down, 8 to go. To me, that sounds daunting, but hey, hopefully, my co-workers will continue to call me out on it, or even I will call myself out by writing it here, right? One day at a time...

So what else is on that resolution list? Like I said, I have an idea, but I still haven't quite hashed out the details yet. What did I tell ya? I figure I'll get there eventually, no? haha

So how are you doing with your New Year's resolution so far this year, if you have one? What finally pushes you to stick to A plan? How do you maintain your resolve? What motivates you?

Monday, 30 December 2013

Might As Well...

*WARNING: Picture heavy

Oh by gosh, by golly... (is that right?)

Well, here I am, 6 months or so later, resurfacing, once again. *waves hello* Such has been my social media life, of late, I found, popping in and out, when I do find the energy to do so.

Anyhoot, thought I'd post one more time before the year ends and might as well end my blog post for the year with a bang, doing the very antithesis of my goal all this time... SHOPPING! *maniacal laugh*

Hey, I'm with the family for the holidays, and one tradition that me and my sisters have been observing the last 4 years is Boxing Day shopping! *grins* Like youngest sis said, this is probably the only day ever that none of us mind waking up at 5 in the morning. Oh shopping gods, that's gotta' count for something, eh?

Come rain snow or shine...

Aldo Huesca smoking slippers

Blondo Nikki boots, at Naturalizer

J Crew Outlet cardi and toque

J Crew Outlet Suede Studded Classic Ballet Flat

Sam Edelman Putnam Saddlered Sud, at Holt Renfrew Outlet

The Loft
... all while jostling thru' this crowd, eeep...
So there you have it, folks, my holiday un-retail therapy! *sheepish smile*
And before I end this post, thought I'd share some pics that show the impact of the recent ice storm that hit  part of the east coast. Fortunately, I missed it, so it was almost back to norm by the time I arrived.

On that note, I hope Santa has been good to you this year and that you enjoyed Christmas surrounded with your loved ones. I also wish you nothing but all kinds of good stuff for the coming year. Here's to a new year full of possibilities with new beginnings, new chances, new resolve. Here's to our happiness, health and wealth, always! Cheers!


Sunday, 28 July 2013

Hot Time in the City

It's been a really wonderful summer so far, weather-wise. Hubby and I didn't really have any trip planned for the summer. Doesn't mean that I still can't enjoy it, just by being out and about in the city...

Hope you're having just as wonderful a summer!

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