Monday, 30 December 2013

Might As Well...

*WARNING: Picture heavy

Oh by gosh, by golly... (is that right?)

Well, here I am, 6 months or so later, resurfacing, once again. *waves hello* Such has been my social media life, of late, I found, popping in and out, when I do find the energy to do so.

Anyhoot, thought I'd post one more time before the year ends and might as well end my blog post for the year with a bang, doing the very antithesis of my goal all this time... SHOPPING! *maniacal laugh*

Hey, I'm with the family for the holidays, and one tradition that me and my sisters have been observing the last 4 years is Boxing Day shopping! *grins* Like youngest sis said, this is probably the only day ever that none of us mind waking up at 5 in the morning. Oh shopping gods, that's gotta' count for something, eh?

Come rain snow or shine...

Aldo Huesca smoking slippers

Blondo Nikki boots, at Naturalizer

J Crew Outlet cardi and toque

J Crew Outlet Suede Studded Classic Ballet Flat

Sam Edelman Putnam Saddlered Sud, at Holt Renfrew Outlet

The Loft
... all while jostling thru' this crowd, eeep...
So there you have it, folks, my holiday un-retail therapy! *sheepish smile*
And before I end this post, thought I'd share some pics that show the impact of the recent ice storm that hit  part of the east coast. Fortunately, I missed it, so it was almost back to norm by the time I arrived.

On that note, I hope Santa has been good to you this year and that you enjoyed Christmas surrounded with your loved ones. I also wish you nothing but all kinds of good stuff for the coming year. Here's to a new year full of possibilities with new beginnings, new chances, new resolve. Here's to our happiness, health and wealth, always! Cheers!



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