Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Walk and a Movie or 2

Over the (extra) long weekend, I managed to squeeze in a walk on the Seawall. I figured since I spent a good part of the weekend doing household chores that it would be nice to get some sea air,  plus I haven't walked around there in a while.

False Creek

Burrard Bridge

... all under the bridge now:p

...somewhere, beyond the sea


someone's veg patch by the path... zucchini

... when you let the swiss chard just go, or grow...

What a lovely day!

Then last night and tonight, I was given tickets again for an advanced screening for 2 totally different movies. Hope Springs on Tuesday and Bourne Legacy earlier. Talk about dichotomy.

Meryl Streep, as always, was fabulous in Hope Springs, such a natural. It's funny though 'cause this is the first Streep film I've seen in a movie theatre, I think. And Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell were pretty good too. It was such a simple story but so relatable. I know I'm nowhere near the characters' age (they're more like my parents' I say) but I think any couple who's been married for a while, but not necessarily their age, will have a good chuckle here and there for sure.

Bourne Legacy, on the other hand, is a totally different ball of wax. I admit I'm a big fan of Matt Damon in the first 3 flix and was doubtful that Jeremy Renner can fill in his shoes. But not anymore! Oh yeah! Ok, it did start kinda' slow but it picked up, that's for sure. You get the same fast-paced chases, weaving in and out of traffic, quite a feat in this one considering it was shot in Manila (reprezzent!), HAH! And did I mention Jeremy Renner? Why yes I did, didn't I? hehe (I think I just saw hubs rolled his eyes)

Ok, I think I'm movied out for the summer... I think...


  1. OMG! There were shots in Manila? This just makes me wanna see it even more! And are these pics taken with ur phone? Purrrty!!!

    1. Yes!!! And yes, not bad for a Blackberry phone, eh? hehe thnx:p

  2. What a beautiful place! I loved the movie reviews too.



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