Thursday, 9 February 2012


The other day, at Costco, I had a box of cookies that I thought I'd bring to work for the office to enjoy As we were heading to the cashier area to pay for our stuff, we passed by the magazine rack.

Before hubs could say anything, and really, before I knew it, there I was grabbing 2 magazines to put in our cart, after which, I dipped into the cart and started to walk towards the back of the store with the box of cookies on hand.

Since hubs looked confused as to what just happened, I told him that the cookies went back in lieu of the mags. I figured, I can always get the cookies for the office some other time. At that moment, I thought I'd rather get the mags only. Another thing, I thought I'd only be doing the office a favor by not getting the cookies since it would spare us all unnecessary extra calories, AND I would get my fashion fix on top of that! Win-win, no?!? HAH!

Makes me wonder myself how eschewed my priorities must look like sometimes. I'd like to think that I've only done this for small inconsequential things. God forbid if I did the same regarding more important things like life-changing decisions... Well, if I did, at least I wasn't aware of it, nor do I want to be aware of it, ever...

More HAH!


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