Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Shopaholic Anonymous

I was reminded of this the other day by my sis.

Back in the day, there were 3 young(ish) girls women who would meet up on Sundays in a mall to "browse". It became a regular ritual. They decided to call it the Shopaholic Anonymous meetings. And to take it a step further, they decided that it's only fitting that they would go to a different mall every meeting. And "browsed" happily, they did, until such time when the paths of these 3 women  diverged.

The 3 offenders -- sis, a girlfriend, and me. Plus the other sis, once in a while, who became an honorary member.

Ah, good times!

In retrospect, I suppose it was almost disrespectful as our {un}intended actions flew in the face of the very things that such support groups stand for. But in our defense, I think we had the right principles in mind. The only problem was we met in places that was the cause in itself. It was akin to recovering alcoholics having their AA meetings in a bar/pub. We weren't very smart, were we?... Oh, but can I still say, again, good times!

So, on that shopping kinda' note, may I say that I managed to procure one of my recent obsessions? *EEEEEEK
(I tagged along with the hubby yesterday to go to the mall.)



Best part, sale!!! Not only was it the right price in my mind, but the store was having this sale as well which meant I pretty much got the next item for free...

... to remind me of a FUN trip with both sis, wheeee!!!

The rest wasn't quite planned, but what the hey! *sigh*

Clarks desert boots (Winners)

And last but not least, this has got to be the BEST deal ever!!!


For my sanity, I stopped resisting the urge. I figure, at this rate, I might as well unleash it fully until it's completely out of my system. I should have known better, really. I always go through this cycle.

And now, I think I'm good!

(crossing fingers... LOL)


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