Thursday, 13 October 2011

Clinton Kelly

If he knows how much I follow his work/life, he'll probably think I'm some kind of nuts that he might need a restraining order. Ok, not really that much, but I'm pretty sure my sis will beg to differ. Well, I don't even live in NY so how can that be?!? LOL

Mind you, I have talked about him on this post and this post. But that's, like, what, 2 posts only! What's that in the grand scheme of things? So really, not much, right?

Then I came across this article. Thought I'd post it too. Meh, why not...

Clinton Kelly: Fashion crime pays - Oct. 12, 2011

Then I'd just stop talking about him. Well, I don't want the hubby to get some weird idea or worse, get jealous, you know... HAHAHAHA

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