Monday, 26 September 2011

Hors D'oeuvres

Watched the premier episode of The Chew earlier.

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And I found another reason why I like Clinton Kelly so much. As if I need another reason! Hah!

Thanks to Clinton, I realize there are more out there who're all about hors d'oeuvres. Not just that, I love how he's taking entrees and translating them to appies. And just like he said, what could be better than drinks in one hand and food in another!

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When I go out to eat/drink with friends, my eyes go straight to the appie section. Out with friends, to me, is all about the company and not quite the meal, but I obviously need to wash down all that libation with something:p So, I tend to focus on the part of the menu that would allow me to eat and talk at the same time, something that will not require too much of my attention, I suppose. Not good, I know, as then I get distracted and won't be aware of how much I've ingested. Well, when out with friends and having fun, who's keeping track, really, right?

When we first moved to Vancouver, I wasn't working for a good while and my passion for food/cooking was unleashed even further. And during those times, I realized how much I like appies and/or side dishes. So much, that I came pretty close to seriously considering starting a catering biz. I had a menu of appies that I've tried on the hubby and some of his co-workers/friends. Some of them tested well, if I recall correctly.

But then, I found a full-time job, not related to food but along the line of my previous work experience. Am I sad about not having gone through about that biz idea? Not really, because it's not as if I stopped cooking. But for a brief moment, it made me really think...

Now in fashion, there's always a starting point when dressing up. I happen to be the person who, when pressed for time and unsure what to wear, starts with the shoes. So, I guess it goes without saying, in the kitchen, when pressed for time and unsure what to make for dinner, I start with the starter/side dish.

...Got me thinking about some of the stuff that I've made thus far since I started this online journey, and how, now, can't wait to make other stuff...

Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm...


  1. Aaaaaaw...all the food looks great. And that's great to hear that Clinton's new show is great!

  2. Thanks:) And yes, I thought it's got potential. Well, anything with Clinton, I say it's ok LOL


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