Friday, 30 September 2011

Out with Friends

Last night, celebrated my birthday some more with a couple of friends.We decided to go to Coast Restaurant. The place was alright. The highlight of the evening, funny enough, became the birthday cake that wasn't.

My friends, without my knowledge, decided to get me a birthday cake at a different bakery. Turned out the restaurant "cannot" serve outside food. So, they offered to put my cake in their fridge, put it out at the end of our meal, for me to see, and put it away once more until we're ready to leave. Hah!

Dulce de Leche

To their credit, I must say, they offered a complimentary dessert platter for the inconvenience.

NY cheesecake & peanut butter cake pop,
sea foam in dark chocolate & white chocolate pieces (not showing)

A quirky surprise was the pop rock in the peanut butter cake pop. Tickle, tickle...

So, that made it 3 cakes, in total, not counting the restaurant's offering. Fancy that!:)

Then earlier today, girlfriend and I ended up meeting for lunch. Originally for coffee only but since we both haven't had lunch at the time we decided to meet, it ended up being for lunch then coffee afterwards.

We practically had the same route like the other time we met up. Deja vu... almost...

As it was cool-ish kinda' day, we ended up the same ramen place. This time, I got this.

Miso ramen
... with kimchi

And lest we forget dessert. Just like before, we ended at the same patisserie... teehee...

Apple Tart

Gateau Basque

... with a cup of Americano

With our belly sated, what choice do we have but burn it off by walking around the shops, naturally!

Suffice it to say, one of my recent obsessions I've mentioned before has now come to "materialize". *eeek*

American Eagle Outfitter cobalt blue jeggings

I really gotta do something about these obsessions. As in stop having these obsessions, perhaps?!?! Hmmmm...


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