Thursday, 15 September 2011

Keep 'Em Coming!

After a day or 2 of frustration with our PC, thank you Explorer (Google Chrome to the rescue!), was told by hubby on my way home that there is a package waiting for me from none other than my sis:)

It was my (early) birthday present!!! Yippee!!!

Marc by Marc Jacobs tote

And of course, got the cutest card from nephews and niece. Thanks, sis!!!:)

What can I say, birthdays are kinda' big in our family. I further say, keep 'em coming, pretty please!!! LOL


  1. Aaaaw...ur sister must be the awesomest sister ever!

  2. She is! As long as the other sis doesn't find out LOL... nah, they're both the awesomest! heehee

  3. Nah! Just the one that gave you this tote.


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