Monday, 5 September 2011

Labour Day = Laundry Day

I didn't quite set out the day to be spent on chores, but it just happened. Yes, chore days usually "just" happen for me. HAHA.

Another gorgeous day out and I did think I'd go to the beach or something but as the day unfolded, I decided I'd do the laundry instead, to get it over with... hehe...

I thought it was fitting that I'm doing some "labour" work on Labour Day, no?

courtesy of (Google images)

I don't quite look as chirp-y as she does. I don't like the folding part, never did. But a girl's gotta' do what a girl's gotta' do... I guess...

So between drying cycles, I thought I'd check out "stuff" online. Including the one I saw yesterday while I quickly browsed at Payless, on my way to the grocery store :o

Womens American EagleWomen's Shannon Slouch Ankle Boot
courtesy of  Payless

I haven't bought anything at Payless in a looooong while. I actually almost got a "sticker shock". I didn't think shoes at Payless cost that much (not even taking into consideration the cost of conversion). After all, in my head, it's Payless.  But apparently, the quality of their shoes have gotten better over the years, hence, the "slightly" higher prices. So I was told by my sis, anyway:p

And since I laid eyes on this pair, I haven't quite been able to put it out of my mind.  Getting obsessed perhaps? I think not!

Oh, but it was sooo comfy! And like I mentioned to my sis, I know that if you put another label on this pair and sell it elsewhere, I'd be the first to say that it's quite a deal. I'm telling ya, the convoluted psychology of (my) shopping!

So as I fold our laundry, I will think about this pair, whether I will want to break the self-imposed shopping break or not, whether I can live with the regret of not buying it or not, whether I will still be thinking about it tomorrow or not...

Such will be the thoughts, as I fold our laundry... hmmmm...


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