Sunday, 4 September 2011

Reset: Day 0?!? Achhh, noooo!!!

Almost ironic to do this post, especially after yesterday's post. Not even sure if that word is applicable for the moment? Pathetic, perhaps.

Am I just deluding myself to think that today's purchase *GASP* does not necessarily count? So should I just have several milestones going on, to make myself feel better? huuhuuhuu...

In retrospect, it's been so long since I last bought...
wait for it...
accessories, *sheepish smile* that I seriously do not remember what my last purchase was, and how long ago. That should count for something, no?

Apparently, what ever distractions I thought I had last night were not sufficient to make me stop thinking about the pieces I saw last night at Sears. Again, Sears, of all places (no offense, Sears)! This morning, I could tell you that I just really wanted to check out the Taiwanese festival happening this weekend around downtown. But, alas, no. I got dressed with the sole purpose of coming back for those items, then, possibly check out the event. Yikes!!!

Nygard necklace

I know, I know, at first glance, it's not necessarily a piece that's worth obsessing over. But it was to me, ok?!? When I first saw this, the first thought that came to mind was this article I read in fleeting, about big bold neckwear for fall. I know it's not necessarily big nor bold. But it jumped at me, the first time I saw it. *sigh*

Nygard cuff
Yes, I realize it matches the necklace. I believe there were matching earrings too. No, I didn't get the earrings. And no, I have no plans of wearing them the same time.

Although it was the necklace I saw first, I almost came to the point of buying just the cuff. Towards the end, the justification for the cuff got even bigger than that of the necklace. Why? Because my fave Kenneth Cole cuff,

is losing its elasticity:( I looove this piece, and it never fails to be such a conversation piece. But for now, I have to let it rest, until I figure out something. Hmmm... Hence, new cuff it is!:p

With purchase in hand, thought now I'd check out the festival. And where do I end up?

Why, the food area, of course!

While in the lineup, a girl came up to another girl behind me. She was munching on some grilled squid. It looked so yumm! But when I got to the front of the line and had a chance to look at the food, none of them were selling the squid. Hmmm...

I ended up getting these.

Sticky rice with dried mushrooms and pork

Hakka pork with citrus (kumquat) sauce

I've had Taiwanese before, but nothing seemed familiar. Yet so familiar, at the same time. They had what looked like Lap Cheong (Chinese sausage) but served differently. They had sticky rice, but again, looked diffrently. Even the sauce for the pork belly almost reminds me of the sauce for a fresh lumpia (type of Filipino springroll).

courtesy of (Google images)

Yet, it doesn't. I suppose with the confluence of cultures that is the Philippines, the multicultural society that is Canada, and now with all the food fusion, this is bound to happen. Really, with food alone, if people care to stop and think about it, one learns that we are not really that different from each other.

Once I finished my lunch, I decided to walk some more and check out the rest of the festival. As I crossed the street, I realized, lo and behold, that there were more food stalls on the other side! *eeeeek*

Then, I found it! The grilled squid!

I was kinda' full at this point, but grilled squid! I had to!

Yes, now my food day is complete! LOL

Gotta' love downtown. There's always something happening somewhere. Best part, no travelling required.

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