Friday, 9 September 2011

Extended Break

It seems like mother nature decided to give us here on the West Coast some break. As the summer wasn't much really, we're now getting summer temperatures, in September! Woohoo!

This week has been a really short work week. 3 days, to be exact.:)

Regardless, let's just say TGIF!

Partyin', partyin', yeah!... No, not really, teehee... Just gonna' chillax, that's it.

It was another beautful walk home.

Notice the little red circle near bottom left? That's me, and my shadow:)

Then, to extend summer to the table...

Watermelon salad with feta, red onion and mint

Corn salad with tomatoes and red onion

Aah, summer!

And I thought I'd share a pic I found on my phone. No clue where I was nor what it is. I can't help but keep staring...

Looking forward to tomorrow as I hope to embark on a new road to good deeds...

Happy Weekend!!!

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