Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Mad Dash to the Kitchen

I seriously don't know what possessed me to do 2 completely different dinners tonight. They don't even go together! The first hour as soon as I got home was just a series of frantic peeling, chopping and stirring. *sigh* O well...

Hubby's working late tonight so he doesn't really want anything heavy for dinner, being so close to sleep time. So, I thought of soup, with salad or toast, perhaps. But then, I'm not really feeling like soup tonight. I remember the shortribs I bought yesterday.

Lentil soup

This was supposed to be red lentil curry soup. A co-worker has this killer recipe, but by the time I remembered to ask her for it, she's left for the day. Then, it occurred to me that we neither had red lentils nor curry:p Had mixed lentils, so I thought I'd just wing it. Coulda' gone online for a recipe, I know... teehee...

Braised shortribs

And god knows if this even counts as braised. I just tell people when I make a dish that it's "my version" hehe... I wanted to use beer for the liquid, so I found this chocolate stout at the liquor store.

They both taste good, thank god. I think.

Bon appetit to us!:)


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