Saturday, 10 September 2011

It Doesn't Count, Does It?

Is it just me who thinks that buying essentials such as underwear and workout wear doesn't really count as shopping? Does it? If so, why? To me, it'll be almost like considering buying food as shopping. Ok, we say grocery shopping, but it's not like "shopping" shopping now, is it?

I had to go to a meet-and-greet early afternoon, and since it finished early, thought I'd walk around. I passed by Joe Fresh and there was this big sign, "Up to 70% off"! Curiously, I walked in (yes, curiously *eyes rolling*).

Being a stand-alone retail obviously gives it a different feel, as oppossed to it being inside the Superstore. When I first stumbled upon this brand, I seriously thought, "Wha'?!? Clothes, Superstore?!?". What did surprise me, though, was how current the styles are; and even better part, the price, of course!:)

Now would you really consider this shopping?

Workout tank, $4.99!!!

Ok, I did end up getting something else, but seriously, for the price I paid for it, it barely counts as shopping, no?

Striped boatneck tee, $2.94!!!!!!

I say it shouldn't! LOL

By the time I was done with my "not-shopping" shopping, I was kinda' hungry, surprise surprise:p Seeing it was mid afternoon already and with just coffee for breakfast, I wanted something light. I considered a street dog for a sec, but only for a sec, since I saw a food truck I haven't tried before.

You can imagine by their name what their angle is.

... and while waiting for my food... (what a beautiful day!)

I went for one of their sandwiches...

Wild BC Salmon fillet on "torpedo" bun...

It was smaller than I thought. The slice of fish wasn't that thick either. The bread, though, I liked, surprisingly, considering I'm not a bread person.

... with aioli, relish, dill and arugula

And the resulting flavor mixed with all the fixings worked for me, I thought. Either that, or I was hungrier than I thought.

Funny enough, the cost of that sandwich was the same as that of my "not-shopping" shopping purchase earlier. How about that?

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