Friday, 2 September 2011

It's Friday I'm In Loooove...

I say this vid is worth re-posting! Over and over... :)

The day could not have finished fast enough. I think the mere thought of it being a long weekend just made it so. By the way, Happy Labour Day! Bonus part, it's an extra long weekend for me as I'm not working Tuesday as well, big whoooop!!!

For lunch today, I finally went to La Taqueria. Been meaning to come here for a loooong while, having heard nothing but awesome stuff about this place. And now that I've gone, I don't know what I was waiting for, seriously. Mind you, I'll probably get the evil eye for saying this but I think it's just as good as this other Mexican restaurant on Robson that shall remain nameless for this post:p Not necessarily better, for me, but equally yummmmy!

La Taqueria business card

And with a glass of orchata, not a bad way to mark the start of the weekend, eh?

Now with the 4 days of weekend ahead of me, I'll be doing nothing but relax, hopefully:p

my weekend reading

What can I say, September issue(S) will always have that hold on me, a'ight?

Happy weekend!!!


  1. Happy long weekend...and love the reading materials:P


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