Saturday, 3 September 2011

2 months, and counting! Part 2

Yes, there is a Part 2, because as of today, it's been 2 months since I last bought a piece of clothing. Yay!!! How about that! Didn't think I'd last this long, but hey, here I am! I may just pull this off, eh? But I don't wanna get too ahead of myself. One day at a time... teehee...

On my way home today, I walked through the mall. Yes, I like to torture myself every now and then. Call me cray cray, but I was kinda' nervous when I first stepped in. After all, I've been good all this time!

As I took tentative steps, I started feeling comfortable being uncomfortable. LOL. I actually even walked in to some stores that I normally frequent. Initially, I thought I would just walk in and out; but I ended up browsing, almost expecting for an item to jump at me that I would not be able to resist. But no! *whew*

Until I got to Sears. Accessories department. Ooooh, my resolve almost disappeared. Sears! Of all places! There was my brain, ready to justify a purchase. "Oh but it's not clothing really so it shouldn't count" What would have been next?!? A milestone for when I last bought shoes, then clothing, then accessories, then who-knows-what... Don't really know how, but I managed to walk away. Yay!

Now, this is one place, dare I say,  I'm not ready to walk in, just yet. In my other blog, I tagged all my clothing, thus far, that I've purchased at this place, and scary to say, there's one too many. I've "jokingly" (yeah, right!) referred to this place as my second home. Well. some think I'm joking, but, oh, if they only know. People closest to me know the real deal, unfortunately. Seriously, I might as well work there, then at least, I will get a discount (hmmmm, there's a thought, hmmmm). I think this is the longest time I've stayed away from this place.

I've always been attracted to this place even when we were living in Toronto. When we lived in the US, there was Ross and Loehmann's (oh, Loehmann's, how I miss thee!). Then, Marshalls to a lesser degree, which I believe, is Winners' sister company. And when we moved back to Canada, the love affair with Winners was rekindled.

Oh I know I won't be able to stay away forever. All I'm hoping for is that I'm able to stay away for as long as possible... hehehe...

For dinner, luckily, hubby made a big batch of meatballs the other day that we ended up with some extra in the freezer. So as my contribution for tonight, I made the sauce. It was one of the yummiest meatballs I've had in a while!!!

Made me forget, almost, that necklace I saw. HAH!

(True confession of a shopaholic):p
Psst, now there's another story right there...

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