Monday, 12 September 2011

Wishlist No More... sigh... grin... sigh... grin...

Not sure if it's a good sign that I'm doing this post on a Monday.

Since I was a kid, there have always been generally 2 times that I always consider starting points or fresh starts or signs of what's to come-- the 1st of the month or Monday, depending on my mood:p I always feel that whatever I do on either those days will be a good indication of how the month or week will go. I try not to be stressed or down on either those days to drive away any sense of foreboding.

Fortunately, I forget all about it the day after or I intentionally just ignore it, and just start fresh again. LOL

On my way home tonight, I just really felt like visiting my "second home" (teehee). Like I've said before, I knew it was just a matter of time before it starts calling out my name, again.

So there I was, just wandering around, doing my usual round, based on their layout. Then I saw what I saw. Needless to say, I guess I can cross this wishlist off now.


Perhaps, I should further explain the why's around it. No, no, I'm not making up excuses. Or maybe I am. Who knows at this point... Anyhoot, what I was trying to say is, for starter, it's the right color. Secondly, which is the more important one, is its added feature. Since I started walking quite a bit (either that, or I just really gained weight:o), I've noticed that my calves have gotten wider, enough that it made it more difficult to shop for boots. So, when I saw this boots with extra zipper to allow for wider space to accomodate wider calves, (it even says so on the tag!), I couldn't resist no more... Besides, I figure I have 10 days to think about it some more...

So, on this Monday, it does appear that the shopping break is over, doesn't it? Is it a sign of what's in store for the week? Well, I do have a habit of forgetting or purposely ignoring some things. It very well could be just a minor hiccup, after all.

And again, tomorrow is another day, right?... So, lucky me!


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