Friday, 16 September 2011

Random Things

Went (Italian) grocery shopping today. Haven't done it in a while so we needed quite a bit of stuff. As always, because we don't do it often, it's always such a treat to visit this specialty store. The only thing, because we don't often go, we tend to go a lil nuts when we get there. O well! Like I said, not too often, thank god!

Been meaning to post this pic from my phone. I believe it was taken earlier this week. 

Just when I think I've seen the craziest thing, something out there always trumps it.... On a sidewalk!!!

Anyhoot, after our mini-grocery trip, had to run some more errands. Cutting thru' the mall, I saw this.

I suppose just in case I forget where I am...

And to kick-start our weekend, since we just went (Italian) grocery shopping, thought it should be an antipasto kind of evening...

Here's to the weekend! Cheers!


  1. last photo - so yummi!
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