Saturday, 17 September 2011

All Day Walking, Practically

Girlfriend and I decided to walk the Seawall today. The fact that it was raining, albeit a tad, shows, I think, our dedication in trying to maintain a healthy(ier) lifestyle. HAH! Ok, maybe not that dedicated, but it should still count for something, whatever something is.

As per usual, after our walk, we were ready to fill our tummies. Well, gotta reward ourselves for that almost 10km walk, no?:p And since the temp was on the cool-ish side, we decided to go for ramen

Pork gyoza

Spicy Akaoni 

Warm to the belly, yummmmm!

I seriously thought I had no room after that late lunch but as we were about to start our "browsing" around town, I remembered this patisserie that recently opened in the area that I've been meaning to check out. May not have been the best decision, in retrospect. Why?

French macarons

... what we ended up with


It was sooooo good! With a nice cup of Americano, how can you go wrong?!? So, yes, may not have been the best decision if you're trying not to indulge... teehee... Well, I say every once in a while is fine by me.

With our belllies really full this time and caffeine running through our veins, browse we did!

Needless to say, "all" my milestones have now been reset to Day 0. *sigh* O well...

Went to 2 of the usual "haunts"... Zara and H&M. And then a few more, in between:p Didn't get anything at Zara, whew! But alas, can't say the same for H&M. Again, o well.

You'd think we'd have been pooped by now, but apparently not. So we went to The Bay which would end up to be our last stop, for real, this time. And lookey what we found! Almost forgot about them coming to town, finally.

The whole lot was on sale too! I'm feeling my resolve, if there's any left, just totally melting away, oy! {Un}fortunately, most of the stuff in my size are gone, another whew. Saw this plain shirt with rolled sleeves that I almost got until girlfriend reminded me that I'm probably only willing to pay for it at that price because of the label, sale or not. Sadly/scarily enough, she was right. So, with a heavy/light heart (haven't quite decided), I put it back. Boo/Yay (haven't quite decided)! lol

Now, if and when:p sky's the limit, I wouldn't mind "browsing" here-

... well, a girl can dream...

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