Sunday, 2 October 2011

Dimsum, and then some...

... shopping, that is. *eeeeek*

Today is our wedding anniversary. Not quite a milestone anniversary, but nevertheless an anniversary. Not really feeling fancy-schmancy dinner, but we did both think that we haven't had dimsum in a loooong while. So guess where we went? heehee...

Siumai... hey, who took a piece?!?
Chow fun(?) with prawns... again, missing pieces?!?
Chicken feet, a major fave of mine,  but hubby will not touch it...
on its last leg, haha

I wish I can say that's all we ordered. Hubby and I tend to go a lil crazy every time we go for dimsum. Who wouldn't, tell me?!? Which is why we rarely have it, I suppose. I don't even want to imagine if we go so often and order the way we do.

On the way home, told the hubby I just want to quickly walk around and "browse". Although in my head, I think I meant something else other than "browse". I've been getting too fixated on one of my recent obsessions and today I got the feeling I just might find it, at the "right" price at that!

Well, not quite.

Instead, I found these.

Poet shirt (Winners)
Nygard necklace (Sears)

I'm really liking the dolman-like sleeves of the shirt and the loosey-goosey effect. How much more comfortable can you get than that, eh? And loving the orb on the necklace!

Best part, they're both on clearance!!! YAY! 
(That should make a difference, no?)

O well... What are reset buttons for, after all, right?

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