Monday, 17 October 2011

It's (Just) Another Monday

Hubby and I ended up wanting to go for a very late lunch, or very early dinner, depending how old you are, I suppose. Hah! So, we walked, and walked some more, trying to decide where to go.

We ended up at this restaurant. I cannot tell you how many many many times we've walked by this place. Why today of all day? Not sure. For the first time, we actually looked at the menu posted at the window and we thought it sounded pretty good.

Salt and pepper calamari

Imperial duck roll

Shanghai udon with beef

It turned out we like this place, enough that we can consider coming back or ordering take-out from the place.

And as we head back home, I thought I would do a lil "browsing". Ok, not really. As I'm trying to {un}-fuel my shopping thoughts, all I could think of is one of my sis' many obsessions. As if I don't have enough of my own, I just had to think about hers too! Which of course, the more I think about, becomes my own.

Payless leopard-print flats (on sale, thank god! haha)
... *sigh*...

Well, can't really fully "blame" my sis. I've been thinking about it since I saw this on another blog.

I say the shoes meets the criteria and satisfies the "look". No?

And as I reconcile all these nagging shopping thoughts in my head, I thought of last Saturday's event that happened around downtown -- Occupy Vancouver.

This was the scene last Sunday. There were twice/thrice the crowd, for sure, on Saturday evening. We were in a different part of town and didn't realize the magnitude of the event. By the time we got back to town on Saturday evening, this particular area was so crowded with tents, somebody in the car said it looked like a tent city. Cray cray!

While I do not actively support the movement, I understand the cause...

I really do, despite my seeming contradictory actions or petty thoughts. Go figure!


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