Sunday, 14 August 2011

What Not to Wear

In honor of their new season starting:p, I cannot not talk about this show! Needless to say, I lurv lurv lurv this show, What Not to Wear!!!

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It all started when we were living in the US. I came across an article in a magazine, may have been Vogue (surprise!), that talked about a certain Trinny and Susannah and a show called What Not to Wear. I knew then we had to subscribe to BBC America!:) In short, I was hooked since then!

Then came the North American version. Does anybody remember that Wayne dude? That's his name, right? hehe... Initially, I thought the TLC version paled in comparison to the original version. But I still watched it. How can I not? To me, for the first time, it's combining what I love with the real world. I love this show so much that I even got some of their books. Yes, just some, ok... thank god!

Trinny & Susannah of the original (UK) version

Clinton & Stacy of the TLC version
I no longer have access {un}fortunately to the UK version, but I've never stopped watching Stacy and Clinton (yes, even when they switched days!). Oh, Clinton Kelly!!! I just heart that guy! Of course, I love Stacy too! But Clinton just cracks me up! Gotta love his wit! I follow him (and Stacy too, actually) on Facebook, surprise, surprise; and Tweeter, although I hardly use it:p; Tumblr? Ooh, maybe I should check, hah! And seriously, if I have an iphone (I'm a bbm gal), I probably(?) would have bought his app from the day it came out. LOL.

People close to me knows this is like an obsession, ahem. I don't care! There are a few things I obsess over, but this is one of them, I admit...

Seriously, how can you not like a show that aims to make people look and feel better about themselves. Detractors out there think that this may be all superficial. I disagree. If you really examine it, the contributors (listen to me! I even use their lingo!... one of us! one of us!) are mainly caught in this vicious cycle of looking what they're feeling deep down about themselves, which continues to undermine their worth as time goes on. Some of these women have overcome huge obstacles and put others' needs over theirs; yet they put so little value on themselves. Consequently, and sadly, they look it too.

Granted there may be far more worthy cause, but there is also nothing wrong with making women feel good about themselves because they look nice and making women look nice because they feel good about themselves. It's not about ego. It's just another form of empowerment. And when one feels empowered, one is motivated to do things, change things, improve things...

A win-win situation, I say. Cheers!


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