Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Forever in Blue Jeans

Got me thinking about 'em, when I came across this article recently.

The Best Denim For Fall 2011

Some people live in their jeans. Others don't. Some people will swear how comfortable they are in jeans. Others won't.

Me? Hmmm... In university, it was like a uniform, needless to say. When I started working professionally and would have casual Fridays, I would wear them, even though I'd be the first to say that it wasn't really the most comfortable. Now that I'm in a casual environment, I suppose I can pretty much wear them everyday if I really want to, but I try not to.

In the summer, I find I don't wear them as much as this is when the dresses tend to come out and I guess I gotta' let my legs get some Vit D too. Now what about the rest of the year, you ask? Well, lemme see...

Before this job, I probably have, what, 3 pairs, that I can actually wear. Now, how many? Hmmm, 15 pairs, I think, or so...

Gap jacket, Hudson jeans, Clarks flats

I have splurged god knows how much on some of my pairs. But I also have $20-pairs that I cannot live without. And then there are those that I could have splurged on but got them on clearance. Score!

Now tell me, am I, will I be "forever in blue jeans"? LOL

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