Saturday, 27 August 2011

2 months, and counting!

Yesterday was one of those days when I was more tired than I thought. Shoulda' known, considering I was working on some files that took me half a day to finish when it would have otherwise only taken me an hour or so. Yup. Mental fatigue has set in before I realized it.

As a little treat for myself, decided to go for mani/pedi after work. Sooo glad I did. Helped me relax a little to get my weekend starting right.

Needless to say, after having the kind of day I had, last night was not a night for cooking. Hubby and I were really tired, best we could manage was take-out from here and here, 2 of our usual back-up places when we couldn't decide where to go and/or too tired to even decide where to go. Nothing wrong with that, once in a while, right?

Lemongrass pork chop with rice and spring roll for me

Sushi (plus much more:p) for hubby
This morning, I definitely feel tons better. 9 hours of sleep, I suppose, help. And as I was talking to my sister, it occurred to me that it's been exactly 2 months today since I last bought a pair of shoes! Yes, 2 months!!! That may not mean much to some, but believe me, it does to me.

Now it feels like I have nothing to put on now. Huuhuu...

LOL. Kidding, of course! I suppose that's what's always gotten me in trouble in the past. That very reasoning. Well, at least I'm trying to do something about it now, right?

For somebody who loves shoes, I must say I've had this love-hate relationship with my feet for the longest time. My pinky toes, exactly, if I want to be more specific. For the longest time, I hated them because of the shape they're in now. As the hubby put it, this is what happens "when you insist on wearing those damn heels for 8 hours at a time" (I swear, his words exactly, LOL... ok maybe not:p). And for the longest time, neither was  I that girl to "indulge" in pedis. Not anymore, hehe. Since I've started going regularly for pedis and wearing more flats, I'm more ok now with the state of my feet/toes. Yes, these are the shallow thoughts that fill my head sometimes. *sigh* So, sue me...

And now that summer is winding down, I've thought of the footwear that never quite made it to this summer's rotation. Why? Primarily because they have heels. I do miss wearing them, so I thought I'd bring some of them out for some fresh air (guess they could be my pets too, huh?).

From centre top, clockwise:  yellow Feet First wedge, red Tahari open-toe (Winners),
black Circa Joan & David cut-out bootie (The Bay), heart-print Moschino Jeans slide (gift),
dotted Lifestride peep-toe sling-back (Winners), metallic Marcelo Paci sandals (Winners),
lilac Enzo Angiolini sandals (Winners)
 Too bad...

But hey, 2 months!!! Tic-toc, tic-toc...


  1. Congrats on the two months...and it's good for those shoes to be let out once in awhile!

  2. Thanks!... see, that's what I thought too! LOL


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