Monday, 1 August 2011

Playing Tourists

So, after watching the Pride Parade yesterday, we decided to go for ramen. The temperature was a tad cooler than we expected. What better way to warm up than ramen, right? Ended up at this place on Denman St.

There's another ramen noodle place half a black away but this one's better apparently. Regardless, there's always a line up at both places, I've seen it. Always.

We all had the bamboo-charcoal black miso ramen. Mmmmm, warmed the belly, is right!

And with our bellies full, and the sun having decided to come out after all, decided to play tourists in our city. Fun!

Started at Coal Harbor,

reached the Convention Centre,

and ended up here,

the Olympic torch. Got a lighter, anyone?

For a day that wasn't quite planned, I say it turned out alright...

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