Thursday, 4 August 2011

Is it Friday yet?

Considering that Monday was a stat holiday and Tuesday was a vacation day, Friday cannot come fast enough! Yes, I know!

It's my own doing, really. Went to a co-worker's house last night to watch the fireworks. Need I say more. Guess I can't party like I used to anymore, huh? I must say I had tons of fun. A "little" wine, good food, fun company and awesome fireworks...

Now I'm just pooped. Alarm went on this morning and I could have sworn I just got to bed. Heh, wachoo gonna do... Hey, if I'm gonna be this tired, I might as well be tired for the right reason, no? Or the fun reason, anyway, right?

Can you guess what this chickadee'll be doing this weekend? That's right! zzzzzzzzz... (I hope anyways:p)

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