Sunday, 7 August 2011

Fashion blogs/websites, my new frenemies

Yes, it's true! I've been following these fashion blogs/websites for years now. I realize these sites are really, in essence, the anithesis to what I've been attempting to not do for years, that is, shopping. Yet, I read them regularly, even follow them.

At first, it started as what has become a replacement to my fashion mags fix which goes way back to my teen years. There was Vogue, first and foremost, of course! Then came Marie Claire, then InStyle, Elle, Glamour. By then, I've lost count. When we lived in the US, the fix was met with more gusto, thanks to inexpensive subscription. After moving back to Canada, with lifestyle change and what not, it started taking a back seat, fortunately. Then, when all these various websites launched, the print version just started to sound expensive. I figure, for every website launched, I save a fin, at the minimum, for every mag not bought. So then came the bookmarking. Definitely did not cost me a thing bookmarking these website. Shortly after, the blogs came... *sigh*... While they were not followed religiously, they were bookmarked alright, pffft... These blogs, in addition to living and breathing fashion, has now added a more personal touch for me. It's become a window to someone's life. In the age of reality TV, how can one resist!

So why, oh why, do I just love these sites when it only fuels my urge to shop? Well, what can I say, it's about fashion!!!

So as I journey into this new arena of {un}retail therapy, I either stop following these sites *gasp* to not give my any more ideas. Or, start treating it as my new version of window-shopping, or as an old friend put it, window-sighing... *sigh*

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