Thursday, 18 August 2011

Wonder Woman

No, not necessarily me. But I gotta tell ya, I guess Linda Carter's Wonder Woman of my childhood years must have stuck with me more than I thought. As far as accessories are concerned anyway, hah-hah...

courtesy of
Needless to say, I love cuffs, bracelets, bangles, whatever can decorate my wrist. If I'm ever asked a question about what body part I like, I may have said my gams when I was younger, but now, I will tell you it'll be my wrists.

Next to the hubby's manly (hairy:p) wrist, I love the femininity my wrist evokes. As I am definitely not a dainty girl, I take secret (well, not anymore, I suppose) pleasure in the size of my wrist. Well, I gotta celebrate something about my body, no? HAH! And at the same time, I'm not the type to parlay her femininity just for the sake of it. A woman of contradiction, I tell ya! Yup, that's me haha...

So then grew my love for wrist adornments.

can't remember the label The Bay

Kenneth Cole from The Bay

gift from other sis

Anne Klein from The Bay
gift from mom (from the Philippines)

Expression from The Bay

gift from friend (from Mexico)

Expression from The Bay

... and my most favorite of all, from Blue Ruby
Lest I forget,

More bracelets (left side)
Too much, you think?


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