Sunday, 21 August 2011


Second last Sunday of August. Can't believe we'll be hitting the -ber months pretty soon. *sigh* Shortly after coffee this morning, as hubby and I were on the balcony, I thought about it and just decided to go for a walk. The weather is beautiful. Haven't walked the Seawall in a while. So why not? Good way to clear the head too, I thought.

My walk started and ended here.

Right across is Granville Island

It wasn't a very long walk, I'd say approximately 2 hrs. And if I'm not mistaken, based on my past experience, that's probably around 10k(?). Yes, I probably walk slower than some, but I'm ok with it.

Halfway through, I needed to stretch so I thought I might as well take some pictures.

By Second Beach

And then noticed this on my way back.

Rock sculptures
You'll find these in several parts of the Seawall. Probably can't see it well but those tiny things on top of the bigger rocks are smaller rocks perched precariously with nothing to assist them but gravity. Someone goes out there everyday, I would imagine so, as I don't think it can hold up as the tide swallows it, and purposely erects these fleeting sculptures for people to marvel at and enjoy. Good on them!

The Seawall is definitely one of the top things I love about this city. And for not quite an outdoorsy person, I think that says quite a bit. This city, granted is not as big as most metropolitan areas but I think that's part of what makes this city works. Yes, it is quite more expensive than most, but there's a reason after all why this city continues to be voted as one of the most liveable cities in the world, year after year.

Not a bad place to be at, eh?

And here's hoping it continues to be so...

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  1. Those sculptures rock...get it?..bwahaha...


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