Sunday, 28 August 2011

Food Club

Went for brunch today with some friends here, a buffet brunch at that! I'm telling you, not too many things can get me up early on a weekend morning, but I suppose food is one of them. Surprise, surprise.

As there's always a line-up for the buffet brunch, we actually got there 1/2 an hour before they open, so yes, we were the first in line. Yipee!

Because this is buffet after all, we knew we had to have room. As soon as we got a table, I tell ya, charge we did at the buffet line.

Now, how can one not enjoy a meal when one's view is like this...

... as one is eating this-

Food-lovers that we are, what do we talk about while we're eating? Why, creating a food club! Other people have book clubs or knitting clubs, so we figure, why can't we have a food club? Mind you, not that we're not doing this already. I suppose, we just needed to make it "official". So as we fill our bellies, we started formulating how "this food club" will operate. Lotsa' things to consider as we're slowly realizing, not clearly sure why tho' since what have we been doing all this time?

As usual, our eyes was bigger than our bellies. So after we were fully sated, we decided to go for a walk somewhere near the area. Figure, the least we can do is (somewhat) burn-off whatever we ate. Wishful thinking, perhaps...

This time, it's the Colony Farm. Quite an interesting area, really. Not just the park itself, but the area in general, it's history and all.

And boy, did the sun beat hard or what! As we walked on our chosen trail, you can see and smell summer all around. Loved it!

Reminds me of my childhood summers spent at my grandparents' farm... the feeling of the sun on my shoulders... the way the sun shone brightly then a breeze, once in a while, to cool the skin down... tall shrubs on both sides of the trail... the way the overgrown grass brushed my legs every now and then...

For a self-proclaimed city girl, I was reminded through out our walk that I was definitely out of my element, but what the hey. I quite enjoyed it.

Notice the bat sign? In case, the bats get confused and think it may not be for them?

After an hour and a half of this, I think we all felt we've had our fill for the day. Plus, we got really thirsty:p

So we headed back to more familiar grounds to quench our thirst...

LOL... while I'm not really a beer kinda' gal, that pint went down really smoothly. Down to the last drop...

And with our thirst getting quenched, our talk went back to our "food club". Members, check. Frequency, check. Choices, check. Limits, check. Minutes, done. Email, sent!

So let it be known then, that on this day, a food club is born! LOL

(Tell me, do we have way too much time on our hands? I wonder...)


  1. Food club...heehee...better for the wallet than Shopaholics Anonymous, eh?

  2. Is it now, really?... pretty soon, it'll be "an attempt to not eat" LOL


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